Your favorite things about Mt Biking-
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    We the people ... Your favorite things about Mt Biking

    Here's mine:

    Being outdoors(although Rays MTB is the exception), the fresh air, near a stream, the smell of dirt, friends who invite ya to ride with them, never wanting to leave no matter how tired I am, rollercoaster downhills like Mike & Brian design, my close, but not too close friends the rocks at: the Moon, Moosic Mt, Merli, American Standard, Hubbard mt, Roaring Creek, & the Seven Tubs, 10 degrees and no sign of bugs, but yet really fast frozen trails, the downhill on the Laurel Classic race course, watching Ty Kovach ride through the trees at speed, my LBS who always have what I need, Jeffskismontana rides, always different/always fun "just ride", night rides with no sign of the bear, Coburn, Coburn, Coburn, thinking I have a flat but finding out it's just muddy ground under my tires, speaking of tires: "NEW TIRES", a tailwind on an uphill, watching "Buddy" tear up the trail, spin around, and run back along side my wheels as I ride, ahh... the life of a dog, Denton's 50 miles of trails in Potter county, friends who come to ride from other states & countries, watching JJ "big up" a large rock!

    There's many more friends and things, but I'll stop there so others can...

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    ALL of the people I ride with especially those who don't mind waiting for me at the top of a long climb, the wonderful terrain that I'm lucky enough to live within, the fact that mountain biking is growing at an incredible rate in this area, the various groups who take care of various trails and are always welcoming with open arms, the entire process of building a new trail: scouting, marking, clearing, building, riding and on top of that seeing a trail that I helped design/build get plenty of use, using trails that others have designed/built that were obviously meticulously planned and executed, getting credit for being a master bridge builder when Brian really does all the work, the fresh air, the smell of the dirt, getting every last ounce of use out of every component of my bike, and most of all the PEOPLE THAT I RIDE WITH. Mountain biking wouldn't be anywhere near the blast it is if it weren't for the friends I've made in the NEPA mountain biking community.

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    you know that feeling you get when after you climb a huge hill and you have a nice long downhill after that...that, the smell of your lbs..i love the feeling you have when you unload your bike in the parking lot and you're ready to get on to the dirt and the feeling of finally getting on the dirt.
    worst feelings...not many but, stopping on a climb and realizing you're not even close to the top...

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    the people the rides the trails the NEPA sceneall the guys that build all the graet new trails(thanks guys)the beer the bash my family for understanding my problem A Town new bikes parts riding in freezing conditions early spring trips to ride in sunny AZ

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