Took some pics of our first ride at FS yesterday..a bit cold mind you but the diehards showed up anyway!! Chris, Gary, John, Mike, Loren, Jake, Lee & myself went out and gave the trails a workout. The new re-route seems to be working real wet spots anywhere despite all the rain we had, so..our new drainage system worked well.

Here's some pics!

No more "Grey Beard"! Good 'ole Stine!

John coming down the re-routed trail.

John again with Jake on that humongous 29'er behind him!

Gary charging up "Granny's"

Single speeds are great for going Downhill........

......but suck going uphill!! I'm telling Dave!!!

John on the bridge

All in all a great time..went for some grub after the ride...can't wait 'till next week! HelmetCam if it's dry!!