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    What would you expect from a statewide organization?

    I was reviewing some old posts on these forums regarding trail closures and access issues and noticed a recurring thread: the lack of a statewide organization seems to be a major factor in the success or failure of mountain biking within a particular state.

    I realize this is not a revelation to most of you and I know that Hackamo (IMBA rep) has often stated that the lack of a statewide organization is one of the major problems in trying to communicate with and mobilize Pennsylvania mountain bikers.

    For me, understanding the role of such as organization was a little hard to grasp so I decided to just start making a list of things which I think a statewide organization would do.

    Once I started looking at this list, I thought about the next steps (which would be finding the resources and people to accomplish these tasks) and then decided to post the list here to let others contribute and maybe define the role of a statewide organization a little further.

    Anyway, here's a start.

    A Pennsylvania statewide organization would need to:

    1. Provide communication and coordination between regional mountain biking clubs/groups

    2. Represent the interests of mountain bikers to both state and municipal governments

    3. Act as a watchdog group for various state agencies (PGC, DCNR) and any pending policies or legislation which may effect mountain bikers

    4. Help regions of the state or specific municipalities promote mountain biking as a tourism attraction

    5. Promote responsible mountain biking and trail stewardship through online resources, clinics, organized events, and outreach programs

    6. Promote cycling (and mountain biking in general) as a solution for some of the health / pollution / transportation issues which effect our state

    7. Work with other state and regional organizations to address mountain biking issues at a federal level

    8. Work to open up additional state parks and gamelands to mountain biking and promote the positive impact that mountain bikers have on the existing bike-friendly parks

    9. Provide strategic or tactical assistance to private businesses or nonprofits which provide goods or services to the mountain biking community

    What else would you expect?
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    khill, you have made some great points. The challenge is getting the state mtn bikers behind it. I'm choosing to go another route. I am working along with the other imba reps to get a state organization in place. We will creat a basic framework so mtn bikers can see what's there and go from there. I've been to too many state mtgs coming away with 100 things to do, but it's tough to get them done.

    if you are interested on being on kmba's board email me at [email protected]

    let me know why you want to do and it what resources you can provide.

    If we create a strong and comprehensive leadership team , everything should flow from there.

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