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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE US Open MTB Team Relay Renamed; Intergalactic Interest Brewing

Allentown, PA, USA
March 26, 2009

Formerly the US Open MTB Team Relay, the newly renamed International Intergalactic Global Open Mountain Bike Team Relay Championship of the Universe, Including the Anti-Matter One (There, That Should About Cover It) is drawing interest from all parts of the Galaxy and even from wormholes leading to alternate dimensions.

The only event quite like it in known existence, the IIGOMBTRCUIAMO(TTSACI) - or more simply, THE Open - offers every single team that enters the event a shot at the overall win with a unique handicapping points format that awards points based on laps completed and the team members' experience and ability (hence the "Open" bit). The Open has grown almost exponentially over its first three years and with its new more impressive title is now attracting teams from further afield than ever.

Already entered into this event and as the kids say, "in it to win it," The Empire is bringing in some heavy hitters with four Darths in the line-up and using the strategy of placing the relatively unknown Darth Tyranus in the key position of clean-up rider at fourth in the rotation. They'll be gunning for the two time defending event champs, the Team whose Mike Hebe just squeaked in his last lap to pull of the win in the last year's event, showcasing the importance of that fourth man in the rotation. Not to be outdone, the Rebel Alliance is bringing in a squad primed for the occasion with hope that the force is with them in their quest to bring balance back to the Universe and wrest the perpetual Team Cup from the squad. Luke, the Rebel Alliance team captain, says, "It is our destiny to bring back The Open Team Cup and kick some major butt." Milliways has kept their team together despite severe Intergalactic economic issues and fewer folks being able to afford the trip across the time warp at the end of the Universe. Zaphod has registered a mostly experienced team though he'll be without the injured Slartibartfast who is still recovering from an early season training accident suffered during the test of a new bike designed by the mice. In his absence, Milliways will be counting on Ford Prefect to fill in for Slarti and fans are wondering just how much this will impact the team's shot at the victory. While Scotty will be giving her all she's got for his captain, Kirk, and the rest of the USS Enterprise squad, the handicapping points system even saw E.T. whip out the speak and spell to phone home. E.T. tells us he is expecting a return call letting him know that the rest of his world team is on the way. What with his staring role in the cycling movie that bears his name (reference the bike in front of the moon thing...please try and keep up) his team is sure to be a threat at the IIGOMBTRCUIAMO(TTSACI) or, more simply, The Open.

Renamed so not to confuse anyone with the killer US Open downhill event and its success the best race of its kind in the country, the new name makes this event the most prestigious race any team could win anywhere in any known or unknown place, real or imaginary, past, present, or future and it is still the only race that every team that enters really has a legitimate shot at the win.

All of these teams and everyone from a little closer the the event can find out more at and find great things to do on their way out to the race by checking out Event numero uno in the Toyota Mid-Atlantic Super Series presented by Cadence Cycling and Multisport Centers ( year long points chase, The Open will take place on Saturday, April 4th at the Oesterling Farm, in Marysville, PA on a fast twisty bit of singletrack heaven.

Disclaimer: Promoter may have stretched the truth a bit in the above release, but you won't know for sure unless you show up.

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