Eastern PA mtn bikers: first off thanks to mtbr for providing the opportunity to post here. The Valley Mountain Bikers(VMB) was formed 8 years ago like most groups; just a bunch of yahoo's riding and wanting to make it a little better. I'm biased i guess on how we've done but times are a changin'. The sport has truly grown from XC, DH to singlespeed, fully rigid, freeride, dirt jumpin etc. Over the past few years it's like other groups, there are a few people who try and keep things together and sometimes get frustrating. It's all part of the job of course, and we'll never complain it's in our blood.

We are having an 06' planning meeting at Bear Creek Ski area between allentown and reading. The goal is.......well honestly the goal is to spread the word and bring the sport together a little bit. I'm not asking we all join our bikes with bungi chords, just sit at the table and really bring this sport to the next level. There's huge opportunites out there from the state level, to racing, to festivals etc and if we don't grab it someone(other user groups) will.

So your not into the club scene? well many arent' but they add a little here, a little there and before you know if it's this huge "movement" that has a big head of steam. If you sick of access or trail closures then try it out. Want to start a race team? well come on in. Want to get into advocacy(why in your right mind would you then stop in. Want to find out new trails, new riding partners? well enough said.

When: 2/1/06
When: 7:30
Where: Bear Creek Ski area
how to get there:http://www.skibearcreek.com/directions/index.cfm

if you have any questions, just reply and i'd be more than happy to answer. thanks for listening and keep up those base miles, only a month and a half and the weather will be heading our way!

Joe Transue
Valley Mountain Bikers
Eastern PA IMBA rep