To all:

Chris Stine and myself spent 2 days in Harrisburg at Troy Scott Parkers certified workshop on Trail Shaping I can tell you the future looks great for Pa!

While attending dinner one night with Troy he talked of having the Trail Builders Convention here in Pa in 2009! It would include over 300 others who build trails at a professional level, definitely a plus for Pa. since the Convention has been in Nevada for 25 years! Troy told me he always seems to end up in Pa. He just finished designing the Rock Run country park near Clearfield Pa., but he has designed trails as far as Alaska.

He uses simple and unique trail building techniques that we at NEPMTBA can relate to. Building trails is easy. Building trails that stand the test of time is hard. Sustainable trails is where it's at. Going out daily to work on trails that erode is not fun!

Anyone out there cutting trails and not thinking of the basics is fooling themselves as well as creating a mess! You really have to become a Dirtologist! So much was talked about and it was nice of Dave and Kevin from Wissahickon park near Philly to offer to assist in the Convention for 2009. We at NEPMTBA also threw our hat in the ring to help Troy.