I'm looking to get SUPER fit and I need someone to suffer with me. I live on the Main Line (Philly Suburbs) and I workout at Sweat Fitness in Manayunk (I know know) To clarify, I'm not looking for someone to train me. I have extensive knowledge in the field of fitness. I'm looking for someone to Push me and me them. I road ride quite a bit in Valley Forge and I mountainbike as much as I can which has not been much lately, because my ride partner is busy a lot. I would prefer someone who is in moderate shape, you do not need to be as strong as Arnold or as fast as Lance but know now I am strong in the gym adequate on the bike,my stamina is building very sowly on the bike hence the need for a partner to push me. So anyone interested in having a weightlifting\ride buddy and you are serious about getting in UBER shape let me know