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    Trails near media area?

    I new to mountain biking, its becoming something I really interested in. I haven't even ridden a bike in 6 years. Are there any trails near the media area thats good for beginners.

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    yes under 476

    I lived in Media for 7 years and rode alittle. Go on baltimore pike towards 476. before you get to 476 there is a development entrance on the left side of the rode. Turn left and park near the train tracks the entrance to the trails are right before the tracks on the right. It has been a few year since I was there but they should be okay. Not anything great but rideable. If you some good riding head to Brandywine. go south on 1 to 202 turn left and go down into DE. Park to the right of the macintosh inn in the back of the shopping center on the right side of 202 and the entrance is there to the park.
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    Smedley Park

    As Heather said, you can go down Baltimore Pike towards Springfield and make a left(I believe its Pine Ridge Road). You will see a BMX-like pit with a couple jumps on your right. You can ride in and past those jumps and pick up a trail and follow it around and down into Smedley Park. Or... you can continue on the that road and pick up the trail that runs parallel to the trolley tracks(on the Baltimore Pike side of the tracks near the trolley station) and follow it down into Smedley Park. Take the cat walk under the bridge and on from there. There are other trails in Smedley Park, just ride every trail you see and explore where they go and try to put together a loop.
    There are trails that run up and behind Swarthmore College all the way up to the back of the football Stadium. Ride accross the baseball fields that are near Balitmore Pike and under Baltimore Pike and pick up a trail that runs across Wallingford Rd(???) and across the grass and into the woods(towards the left). Explore there.

    The best trail in that area runs along(make that above, well above) the creek behind the Springfield Mall and Springfield Country Club. This trail used to run all the way up to the church that is diagonal to Value City(Woodland Ave and Rt 320). To get to the trail, ride down the paved access road from Baltimore Pike and when you get near the back you will be under the Blue Route. Crank up an old gravel double track that curves up and to the right. Crank up and to the right of the concrete bridge footing and the trail starts there(you will probably see other bike tire tracks, so follow them. Have fun. Remember this trail runs about 20 to 30 feet above the creek to your left(straight down). This trail reminds me a bit of some of the sections in Wissahickon. No one does trail maintenance there, so you will have to walk around blow downs, etc.

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    The Swarthmore loop is very good and easy to get too.

    Also, there is a nice loop behind Cardinal O'Hara HS/ Don Guinella.

    Its been quite some time since I have ridden there, but we used to park in what was formerly the K-Mart lot (now the Home Depot) and ride across Reed Road. You'll see two entrances into the woods. One used to be clear, the other used to be severely overgrown.

    The "good" one leads down to a clearing by the stream. Cross the stream, climb the hill, and you'll see the trails starting splitting off. Theres alot of BMX stuff back there. SOme of the BMX guys built doubles, etc.

    The loop we used to ride was about 3.5 miles, with some small spurs here and there. Just be careful: back in the day, you had to share these trails with BMX'ers, motorcross guys, guys in modified jeeps, hunters, paintballers, etc.

    Its illegal to hunt back there, so the hunters arent wearing any orangle like they do in the stategamelands. So either wear somethign bright, or make alot of noise.

    We used to do some night riding back there, and on a Friday or Saturday you might come across lots of kids drinking back there. Many times we'd go back there and the kids would think we were bike cops. It was funny to watch these kids running all over the place.

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