Here's a review I posted at another site on Timberline. I'll ad that it's easier to get to than Snowshoe if you're coming from the North...

Hit Timberline for the first time this weekend with 2 buddies. A beautiful day and we were the only riders on the mountain. If you're considering going, definitely do so. A real diamond in the rough.

-Great natural terrain (rocky, steep, etc.).
-A big selection of trails.
-Bike shop manager JR is an enthusiastic and accomodating host. He slipped out for a bit to show us some of the harder-to-find trails.
-Dirt cheap ($21 for the day).
-Reasonably priced food/beer at the on-site pub ($3.50 for a Newcastle, compared to $4.50 at Snowshoe).

-If not staying in the bunkhouse for $16, rent a condo instead of the "hotel," which is overpriced for the offering.
-Lacks feature-heavy freeride or flowy A-Line/Missing Link offerings.
-Lift broke down for a couple of hours at the beginning of the day, but on the plus side, it's open 1.5 hrs later than Snowshoe and JR offered to comp us a couple of hours the next day.
-Lift is pretty slow, which cuts into riding time.

Overall, we left with a positive impression and will definitely be back next year. If they keep on their current pace, I think TLine will soon give Snowshoe a run for their money. If you haven't already, get out there for a day or two.