• 09-28-2009
    Tentative - day-trip to Raystown 10/4/09
    I M talking to *cough* someone *cough* about driving down to Raystown and hitting the Allegrippis trails on Sunday.

    This is a *wee* weather dependent, a bit of moisture isn't going to keep me away ( Rule No. 1 says "Go to the trailhead") but I won't play if t-storms look likely. Or frostbite. I'm new to NEPA, remember? :D

    Plan would be similar to
    - leave Kingston PA oh-my-god-it's-early
    - drive diligently to make a quick trip of it, target here for car parking
    - ride a HUGE helping of the trails
    - clean up, change clothes, find food n beverages
    - drive diligently back to Kingston
    - arrive long after dark, possibly

    Anyone else interested?

    Any thoughts on good place to eat/relax for a bit after the ride?

    And no, camping overnight while not a technical problem is not at this point an option for me.
  • 09-28-2009
    As far as eats go... Boxer's Cafe (owner has bike shop 2 doors down) and OIP Pizza in Huntington had some good food,when we were there last weekend.
  • 10-01-2009
    Thanks Cuda.

    There's gonna be three of us coming down (so far), shooting for a 9:45 FIP (feet in pedals).
  • 10-01-2009

    I'm in as you already know! OIP is excellent as I always hit it great food, but we can discuss more on the ride(Yes I said "moron") I see you got the comp from my car last night, did you find the air loss problem in the tire? I didnt think it was cold enough to leak at the bead, but the mOOn rocks sometimes play funny games. Which ride are you taking to Raystown? I might have to bust out the GT

    Friday nihgt ride at mOOn, just incase you didn't know!

    See ya there!
  • 10-01-2009
    Looking forward to Epic Sunday.

    I'll probably be taking the Niner, doesn't seem like a Suspension Heavy Place. But then again, the Quasi has better brakes. Hmmm.

    Yeah, got the PC, glad you found the key, I really should have hidden it somewhere interesting.

    My rear tire has a nice punch in it, on the main tread, where a rock or something make a V-shaped cut. The Stan's Goop *almost* sealed it up, but not quite. It could be because I didn't have enough in the tire though as I wasn't able to put as much as usual into a new tire this round as I was "out" - going to check Wheel Fun today to see if they have some, or maybe Cedar on Friday, we'll see.

    Thinking about getting 2ply DH tires though to run over the winter, as I'm counting on lots more cruddy riding. :P