Stolen Bike in Jim Thorpe (is this the right place?)-
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    Stolen Bike in Jim Thorpe (is this the right place?)

    Hi -
    New forum user, here. Hope I am in the right spot for this, because I need HELP!

    I live in Jim Thorpe, which many of you know has some great riding. It is also a great little town to live in, and usually quiet and safe. Well, just last Wed or Thurs, my thoughts about my new hometown were diminished a bit, because someone took my bike. They went behind our apartment building, opened up my Jeep Cherokee and took the bike out of the back. It happened late at night, but even so, that took balls!
    Problem here is (aside from bike theivery being the lowest of the low), I love that bike. It is a brushed-aluminum 97 Schwinn Homegrown 'sweetspot' (aka URT) frame, with a used up Judy, lots of scratches and old components. So it's not a real valuable piece, to anyone but me. That bike has been with me on rides all over the States, and even here in rocky JT, it is my favorite of my 3 mountain bikes. I ride it all the time, sometimes leaving it in my Cherokee because I know I will be riding again soon. I guess that was my mistake. But never a problem before...
    Anyway, does anyone have hints on what I can do? I posted descriptive flyers around town, with a reward noted. Our local police are basically no help whatsoever. There aren't any pawn shops nearby, or bike shops that would buy it to re-sell. Where do bike theifs take them? I will watch Ebay, just in case...
    Any advice would be appreciated. I am beside myself about this whole situation. Also, if there is another place I should be putting this info, please let me know that as well.
    Tom in JT, PA

    Silver Schwinn Homegrown Factory dual suspension URT frame
    Rock Shock deluxe rear coil shock
    98 Judy XC front shock 63mm black
    XT rapidfire shifters
    Schwinn "S" logo saddle
    Coda silver SPD pedals
    XT 4 arm crankset
    black Lizard Skins on headset, chainstay, rear shock
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    Craig's List is sometimes a useful place to post these types of things, as well as a good place to see if someone's trying to sell it. I'm not sure if there's a local area for JT but you could use the Allentown area

    -Doug Jones

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    Agreed, Craigslist is a good place to watch. Ebay, keep an eye on it. If you haven't, I would check with all the bike shops. Take the flyers in there, because even if they wouldn't sell used products, or buy used goods, it doesn't mean whoever stole the bike wouldn't try. Plus LBSs are pretty good about keeping note of what people bring in, and if they know what to look for maybe someone can make a connection.

    I'm sorry man. I've been through it. Good luck.

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    did you give the police the serial number or a description of the bike? whoever stole your bike probably lives in your area and knew you had a bike, i'd keep an eye out for shady characters. ask your neighbors if they saw anything.

    we'll all have to keep an eye out for your bike, i hope it turns up for ya.

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    Thanks for the advice and moral support.
    I talked to the police, they are not much help, but they took a report.
    There have been a few shady characters hanging around lately, so I will definitely keep an eye on them.
    I may try to contact LBS's a little farther away, thinking someone will have to take it far away to get adjusted/tuned or actually fixed (last ride a rogue stick pulled a spoke nipple through the rear rim, and I noticed the brake pads are really worn down).

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    What a bummer, I ride up a the Broad Mtn a lot. I will keep an eye out for your bike.

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    I bet the guy staked you out, noticed your pattern of leaving your bike in the Jeep and took the evil opportunity to take it. I'd recall the characters around the scene of the crime when this occurred, and stay more aware of your surroundings. I've had my bike stolen twice once as a kid and when I was in college. I have learned to not be repetative in where I leave my bike by itself without some padlock/combination chain. You're not the only one...

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