I was out on a ride today on trails around Mt. Gretna and noticed something. The trails were not wet, they weren't dusty dry. They were perfect. The dirt had become packed and smoothed out from a winters worth of riding on wet fallen leaves, and the singletrack seemed perfect and renewed. Even springtime wet spots were dry and packed and were ridden smoother and faster than ever. It's been 15 years since I started mountain biking some of these particular trails, and I've never seen them in better condition. I'm not an advocate of riding wet trails, and I personally try to avoid the wet spots in the off season...but the results from other riders doing so have resulted in some buff trails right now.

The crazy thing about this is that on my 26 mile ride saturday, and 23 mile ride today...I saw only one other mtb'er. I also only rode one trail twice in both days. There is such a variety of trails I have around here. I live between Mt. Gretna and Camp Mack, it's about 5 miles to either and connected by forest; small mtn's with a network of trails; the Horseshoe trail being one of them. If you look at the reviews on MTBR, this area may be found as 'Brickerville', 'pumping station', 'Mt. Gretna', 'Big Rock Trail'. Anyway, there is many dozens of miles of single and doubletrack to ride. I've got everything from epic xc ridesto freeride/DH/ big gap doubles type of trails.

Anyone want to ride, I'd be happy to be your guide. (free too!) I am one of a handful of people who know 99% of this southern Lebanon/nothern Lancaster trail network because I've been on it for over a decade. I ride Saturdays and Sundays starting between 8 and noon. Do anywhere from 15 to 30 miles of "all mountain" riding. Just 5 minutes off exit 266 of the PA turnpike; that's only 90 minutes from Philly and less than an hour from Lancaster, York, Harrisburg.....Give me a shout if you want to ride.