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    Cool-blue Rhythm Senterio di Shay

    So where else can you XC ski and ride your Fat Bike...
    ...all in the same day?

    Sentiero di Shay(SDS)... that's where! Ya gotta look hard and learn the area. This is not a well ridden trail, but rather an old school type of mt biking. aka "REAL MT BIKING" There is a big lottsa nothing right or left. Don't go down Big Dam Hollow no matter how good it looks, (Wrong direction) There isn't much elevation gain on the SDS, but if you do venture off you will find lots of hollows and mountain ridges to take in the the sights. Temps were near zero with the wind chill on this day. Moving along kept the fire going.

    First time out stay to the main trail. Next time with lots of daylight and time venture off and you will find very Wild Pennsylvania! Your friend is the main road Rt 44 as you will cross it later on and can use it as a bail out if you need.

    So? Yes this trail will lead you off where not much can be seen as modern stuff. The sounds are very local with no interstate highway noises. Fresh snow this time of year makes for a really fun time.

    If you want a really short ski warm up and intend to ski the SDS use Pine Bog trail as a warm up. Then bolt right onto the SDS. I moved my vehicle further up Rt 44 to another parking lot and skied from there at County Line road and used a small part of the SDS then XC skied the Francis X Kennedy trail (FXK).

    Lots of other XC ski trails nearby and they all get the 5 stars rating from me as this area has many places to enjoy the day with time well spent: George Will, Ruth Will, Pitch Run. I didn't include the biggie Pine Creek R/T cause it's flat, straight, and windy this time of year. If your just looking to get in a few miles of very easy skiing then use it.

    All this in one day makes for a very tired ride home, but winter is here and ramping up being able to use skis and bikes is rather interesting! Maybe next time with a bit warmer temps a bit of of winter fly fishing and landing a biggie from Slate Run would make it a real trophy day. One can only dream!

    Next time a weekend is in order just gotta get here sooner as the camping season closes at Little Pine Creek SP mid December. A great place to camp and ride also:
    PA*DCNR*-*Little Pine State Park

    Great flies can be had for fishing Slate Run at Wolfe's store aka Slate Run tackle shop. If ya fish, by all means fish Slate Run!
    Slate Run Tackle Shop|Fly Fishing In PA

    Here's some music titled the same for your venture on the SDS:
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    Nice! Haven't ridden there in a couple years. Last time I was there some kind of blight killed many trees, and the 3rd quarter of the ride was a hike a bike over deadfalls. I've wanted to go back, but really hesitated not knowing what kind of shape the trail was in. They were logging the west side of 44 at the time also, and some of the trail was affected. Made that section really hard to follow. Thanks for the trip report!

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    I gotta get your cell number, I know you would venture out this far and ride stuff like this.

    I couldn't see the actual trail due to snow and there were a few fallen trees as can be expected. I don't know very many that ride this with a mt bike. The logging area has grown back in but ruts do exist in the soil. It is a great place!

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