save fairhill???-
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    save fairhill???

    holy crap; they might develop some of the land that is home some of my favorite trails....

    i gotta think of something nicer to say before i go and rant to people about how stupid this is and come off as some angry mtb rider who is anti-horse.

    but seriously, don't these horse people have enough sh!t out there already???? we don't have a track or jump field setup for bikes (and i bet fairhill sees more bike traffic than horse traffic).... i have nothing against the horses, and what they already have there, but it hardly seems like they need ANOTHER 800 acres.

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    My god, this would suck. I grew up next to that place and have been riding there since 1987!

    This would kill me.

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    worthy of a bump....

    AND apparently my letter to the editor will be in todays cecil county whig (local paper).

    here is what i wrote.

    dear editor,

    as a passionate mountain biker i just want to express my displeasure at the proposed expansion of horse facilities at fairhill.

    as it stands now fairhill is an excellent example of how mountainbikers and equestrians can happily co-exist and ride many of the same trails without any resentment toward each other.

    we mountainbikers love fairhill and fill the parking lots on sunny weekends even though we have no actual facilities present at the park. the same is true of many the horse owners use the park and who park in the same lots as we do.

    putting more gigantic horse facilities in this area would take away from the sceinc surroundings and length and diversity of the trails we both now share and enjoy.

    my question is: why do equestrians need even more facilties at a park where they already have show grounds, jump parks, and other large areas already devoted to horse only activites?

    this park is great BECAUSE of it's trails; and any new development that encroaches on these existing long established trails is not a step in the right direction.

    please at least let the users have a say in any future development of this; one of the finest multi-use trail systems in the mid-atlantic.



    max steinbrenner

    i think you guys should dop them a line! it seems they are looking for our points of view... at least it can't hurt. if everyone of us wrote a letter to one of the papers or senators mentioned it might just help us show that mountainbikers care too!

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    my buddy bikehigh recently sent me this and since he seems to be out working today i thought i'd passit on to all a yall....


    Your posting appeared when I was doing an internet search on Fair Hill. I'm having a hard time accessing the message board. Anyway, I'm with a group opposed to the commercial development of Fair Hill. I was at the latest commissioners meeting in Elkton to see the plans for the horse park and there were only a handful of concerned people there. There is a pulbic meeting on Sept. 19th, 7pm at Cecil County Community College. The Maryland Stad. Authority and the horse industry will be there. This could be the last chance to speak. We certainly need help and voices. If you need further info, pls. contact me at [email protected].

    please spread the word and come down to represent the mountainbike side of things!

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    This is what my sister in law just wrote. She lives right next to the park and we go ridding there all the time.

    "We need to preserve the Fair Hill Natural Resources area. This land is a jewel set amongst the suburban sprawl of New Castle County, DE, S. Chester County, PA and Cecil County. My feelings have been mixed about this area being chosen for the proposed Maryland Horse Park. As a business person and a member of the Chamber of Commerce I was, at first, enthusiastic about commercial possibilities that this project presents. I believe growth in this county is inevitable and to develop Cecil County in the direction of tourism is appealing to me. However, as a frequent visitor to this park land, living adjacent to this property, I must express my belief that the Horse Park is an inappropriate use of this land.

    The beauty of this park is now enjoyed by mountain bikers, fishermen, equestrians and hikers alike. We are all lovers of the natural beauty of this place. It provides a place where one can reconnect with and appreciate nature's wonders. This quiet, serene setting provides a haven to bald eagles, deer and other wildlife which can be enjoyed by all. To build this horse park, as proposed, would increase traffic (in an already hazardous area), crowd out wildlife, and scar this landscape with development. I believe the crowds who would be drawn to this new attraction would not appreciate these things in the way that the general public does now.

    I do not believe the benefits offered by this project outweigh the costs of ruining this wonderful place. On the surface, Fair Hill may seem to be the ideal place for a project such as this, due the equestrian nature of many of the activities there, but a project of this scope does not fit the personality of this area and threatens to destroy something that anyone who has been to Fair Hill cherishes.

    I encourage anyone who cares about what happens to this area to attend the public hearing being held at Cecil Community College in Northeast on September 19th, at 7:00 p.m."

    Anyone that can make it should go and be heard. Fair hill needs us!

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    Rally Saturday in the Park






    Want to find out more? Please come to our


    At the FAIR HILL PAVILLION by the covered bridge at Fair Hill NRMA.
    Fair Hill Natural Resource Management Area
    Concerned Citizens and Users

    The Maryland Stadium Authority, and our local politicians, are proposing
    Fair Hill NRMA as the location for a commercial Horse Park.
    Act NOW & vote to keep Fair Hill NRMA as it is today!
    Our County Commissioners and the Office of Economic Development, at the
    urging of the Horse Industry, have forwarded Fair Hill NRMA as a candidate
    for a future Maryland Horse Park. If accepted, this proposal will dedicate
    800 acres or more to a commercial equestrian center. This will include the
    Fairgrounds and the entire Saw Mill Field area (currently open grassland
    and woods). Fair Hill is a 5600 Acre Natural Resource Management Area,
    purchased by the state from the Open Space Fund. The Horse Park will be
    administered by the Maryland Stadium Authority.

    In 1997, hundreds of local citizens expressed a desire to ensure that
    future generations could enjoy the natural, cultural and recreational
    resources at Fair Hill for many years to come, in the creation of the Fair
    Hill Land Unit Plan. This plan states that there should be no commercial
    development of Fair Hill outside the existing fairgrounds area, that it’s
    rural, unimproved nature should be preserved, and that it should be
    retained for future generations to enjoy it as we all do today. This is in
    stark contrast to the image of a mega-stadium, loudspeakers, food stands,
    and the trash & noise that 1100 RVs and campers would undoubtedly bring.

    The exact details of the project are not yet known, however the Maryland
    Stadium Authority details some requirements in its Request for Proposals,
    which include the following: One enclosed 5000 seat arena, An outdoor
    amphitheater, 6 to 12 outdoor show rings, 800 to 1200 stalls, Campground
    area with RV hookups, Restaurant, Museum, Offices, Large Parking Lots. In
    support of this, there is talk of a new exit off I-95 at Rte 213.

    The proposal submitted by Cecil County offers up an immediate 800 acres
    consisting of the Fairgrounds, the entire Saw Mill Field area, and 75 miles
    of trails that wind through the entire 5600 acre preserve. The proposal
    also claims that the project has public support, although there has been no
    public participation in this process so far.

    However on Monday September 19th at 7pm there will be an opportunity for
    public comment at the Cecil Community College

    Approval of this proposal would mean increased traffic, unknown economic
    and tax consequences for County residents, an impact on water, sewer, and
    other costly infrastructure, which could spur development nearby. The
    Maryland State officials have not yet conducted feasibility studies or
    analysis on issues, but will nevertheless make their final decision very
    soon despite a lack of data!

    What can you do?
    · Check out these websites: and
    · Come to the meeting on the 19th September – see next page.
    · Come to the support rally on the 17th – see next page
    · Write to / call as many of the contacts on the reverse of this page.

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    so the meetings tonight...

    anyone gonna go?

    i'll be there.

    if you ride there a lot, you should be too!


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    Well, I was just down in Fair hill and had dinner with some prominent horse people. They say it is a done deal. More than anything, people are worried about the large scale development that will come with this. Sad to say.

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    Quote Originally Posted by anand
    Well, I was just down in Fair hill and had dinner with some prominent horse people. They say it is a done deal. More than anything, people are worried about the large scale development that will come with this. Sad to say.



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    fairhill is safe!

    Md. Naval Academy to Get Horse Park
    Park Will Host National, International Equestrian Events

    Associated Press
    Monday, October 10, 2005; 1:39 PM

    A Naval Academy dairy farm has been selected as the site for a proposed horse park designed to attract national and international equestrian events, the Maryland Stadium Authority announced Monday.

    The proposal calls for a 5,000-seat arena, 1,000 stalls, eight to 10 show rings and other horse amenities. The 800-plus acre dairy farm site was one of two finalists, along with a site in Fair Hill in Cecil County near the Delaware and Pennsylvania borders.

    The Anne Arundel County site, which was supported unanimously by the selection committee, is in close proximity to major highways, almost 9,000 hotel rooms, numerous restaurants and other tourist attractions, the stadium authority said.

    Cecil County, in contrast, has 1,090 hotel rooms and the surrounding area has less tourism infrastructure, said Alison L. Asti, executive director of the stadium authority.

    The selection committee was also concerned that visitors would leave the state seeking hotel rooms, dining and other services if the Fair Hill site was selected, Asti said.

    "We felt the economic impact to the state would be much greater in central Maryland and we didn't want to lose the business to out-of-state hotels and restaurants," Asti said. "Since this is an economic development initiative, it's important to have those revenues stay in the state of Maryland."

    The site is also more centrally located in relation to the state's horse industry.

    "If you look at a map of all the horses in Maryland, the site in Anne Arundel County is smack in the center of the most populated horse areas in the state," Asti said.

    Organizers hope the horse park, to be modeled after one in Kentucky, will become a tourist destination as well as attracting large national and international equestrian events.

    Rob Burk, executive director of the Maryland Horse Industry Board, said the park will also promote agriculture and encourage the preservation of open space.

    Six sites were nominated for the horse park, and the selection committee narrowed the list to Annapolis and Fair Hill on Aug. 23.

    The selection will be followed by a feasibility study of the winning site, with the results forwarded to the General Assembly. Lawmakers will have to authorize a bond bill before the park can be built.

    Architects working on the proposed park have also discussed the possibility of a working farm museum at the site, which would incorporate the Naval heritage of the property.

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