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    Good job! Rocky Ridge

    A little while back we headed out for a road trip to Rocky Ridge...

    ... arriving at Scott's house we found Fat Dog fueling up thinking he was going with us, but, we had other plans, and with Fat Dog barking at the window as we left (Scott said: "F-him") we all laughed ... LOL) and headed out...

    ... having one of our fine young lads attending collage down that way, we met him at the collage, then onto a ride at RR. RR has lots of trails that have recently suffered like most have from the never ending rain! Riding some stuff we used our trials skills to amble through rock washouts enjoying what there was. We rode most of the trails, and the surrounding rock features, acting like kids in a candy store till the park patrol appeared. Not wanting to show them our "super fine riding abilities" we said: "Hello" and politely faded into the background and rode other stuff in the woods. Tee-Hee ...

    ... one bike decided to part ways at the swingarm, we tried the Rube Goldberg method, lasting another mile or so untill the other side gave it up and it was not to be! Then it was on to one of the few locations of "Chipotle" for some grub, well the place was packed, but food was super, and to our good fortune it started to rain, so we got a ride in and some grub before our trip back to Wyoming Valley...

    Thanks to YAMBA for all your hard work at RR we will be back!

    Ride da Rocky Ridge
    Ted, Scott, Jeff, Ed, Tony and I did...

    Check back more pics later
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Rocky Ridge-imag0043_900x900.jpg  

    Rocky Ridge-imag0044_900x900.jpg  

    Rocky Ridge-imag0045_900x900.jpg  

    Rocky Ridge-imag0046_900x900.jpg  

    Rocky Ridge-imag0047_900x900.jpg  

    Rocky Ridge-imag0048_900x900.jpg  

    Rocky Ridge-imag0049_900x900.jpg  

    Rocky Ridge-imag0052_900x900.jpg  

    Rocky Ridge-imag0053_900x900.jpg  

    Rocky Ridge-imag0054_900x900.jpg  

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    Good job!

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Rocky Ridge-imag0055_900x900.jpg  

    Rocky Ridge-imag0056_900x900.jpg  

    Rocky Ridge-imag0057_900x900.jpg  

    Rocky Ridge-imag0058_900x900.jpg  

    Rocky Ridge-imag0059_900x900.jpg  

    Rocky Ridge-imag0061_900x900.jpg  

    Rocky Ridge-imag0064_900x900.jpg  

    Rocky Ridge-imag0065_900x900.jpg  

    Rocky Ridge-imag0066_900x900.jpg  

    Rocky Ridge-imag0067_900x900.jpg  

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    Glad you guys had a good time, excluding the broken frame. Rocky Ridge has been the last ride for many bikes. You're right about the rains taking a toll, especially from T.S. Lee. That storm totally took out a whole trail, however some good comes from that as we will be starting the reroute next weekend and it will be even better. The snow storm last weekend was even worse than the rains, trees are down across trails all over the park and its just now becoming passable as we cut open the trails.

    Here's a new map that you can download for the next time you make a trip down. Rocky Ridge Map

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    thanks diggin! I have been looking for a good map of RR for a while.

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    Good job!

    Thanks Kevin ...

    ...we had a blast and just getting all of us together was fun. The bike that broke was 7 years old and he wasn't all that unhappy except for driving all the way down, but he did get to see his son from collage.

    We have gone through the same work schedule trying to keep up with the next damaging weather system, but with that said...

    ... Thank You again

    We were down to RR last time you had the Time Trial and we still talk about that great fun event.

    Ride da Rocky Ridge
    Great trails and lotsa fun for all...

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    Good job!

    Double post deleted

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