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    Riding in Philly

    Unlike Lancaster, York, or Harrisburg, I've heard that spending time on any sidewalk in Philly can result in a fine from the Police.

    Looking to do a tour of the downtown via bicycle (SS junkerbike), was hoping for some points of riding in the city.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PaintPeelinPbody
    Unlike Lancaster, York, or Harrisburg, I've heard that spending time on any sidewalk in Philly can result in a fine from the Police.
    Unlike Lancaster, York, or Harrisburg, Philly is a major metropolitan city.

    Would you ride on the sidewalks in Manhattan or Chicago?

    Why would you want to ride on the side walks? Do you think all of the pedestrian traffic is just going to move out of your way?

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    Well Philly has what could laughingly be described as bike lanes on most of the major streets.
    The city officals call them bike lanes but I call them taxi drivers kill you lanes.
    But, Philly is one of the more bike friendly cities I have lived in. So getting around to the tourist spots isn't all that hard.
    The city is pretty small to be honest (6st or 7th largest) and is pretty flat so the single speed will work great.
    If you park behind the Art Museum (near boat house row = free parking)
    You are kinda in the center/side center of town. Right up Ben Franklin Parkway is Love park, town hall, Franklin Inst, etc.
    And getting to the Liberity Bell/Independence hall is really easy also.
    Just get a map when you get there and explore. Bring a bike lock (or five) and have at it.
    But please. Please don't run up the Art Museum steps humming hte rocky theam. You will get you ass beat for that
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    If you are visiting Philly and its not rush hour riding on the streets is never an issue as long as you stay off the heavily traveled major ones. Any of the east/west streets are really easy to take a lane and time the lights so you are going the same speed as cars, same goes for most of the N/S streets except for Broad. Half the time the sidewalks are so narrow that you wouldn't even be able to get any decent speed going on them. Just hop on the road and go, Philly is really a great city to bike in when you hit the less traveled streets. If you do hop in our bike lanes, beware of the door zone. These half-assed bike lanes place you right in the path of inattentive drivers and taxis.

    If you need some good routes around to specific destinations send me a PM, I have lived in the city for the past 5 years and know how to get around town with little aggravation.

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