Regional Trails - Bike Suggestions-
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    Regional Trails - Bike Suggestions

    Fellow PA Riders:

    I am in the process of getting back into the sport and was looking for some bike suggestions for the regional area. Aside from the perennial quest for a do-it-all bike, I am just looking at what some of you riders out there prefer for the trails. I do plan on bike parking at least 5-6 times this summer, but also don't think it's necessary to dog the climbs.. I am wondering what is absolute overkill for most of the popular trails. Enduro/all mountain seems to offer a lot so if I can swing it, I would prob lean that way.

    I will be riding majority Central/NE/SE PA trails, but plan on hitting Delaware, Mountain Creek, etc..

    Right now I ride a 100mm FS. Poorly equipped bike for what I enjoy. I love almost everything but would consider myself aggressive and technical foremost. As that is my favorite terrain to ride. I am inundated with the sheer amount of bikes for everything these days.

    Are the following bikes overkill:

    Pivot Mach 6
    Giant Reign Advanced
    Transition Patrol

    I've found good deals on carbon editions of all these which brings their weight down to a reasonable ~29-30lbs.

    But also looking at:

    SC Bronson
    Giant Trance
    Trek Remedy/Fuel
    Devinci Troy

    I am open to everything and any suggestions! Just trying to get an idea. Also, any shout outs for shops are welcome. I am located in Lancaster. Thanks everyone!

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    I'm down to Reign vs Patrol myself. I'm in CT so the rocky rooty tech is similar but the hills are smaller.

    I've test ridden the Reign Advanced up at Kingdom Trails (more XC stuff there really than here) and it was a blast! It also handled a decent blacktop climb without the need to flip the shock switch out of open mode. It was also fine on the more boring stuff, it wasn't purely a wait for the steeper stuff type of bike. No weird noises other than a squeak in a linkage, but a rental bike in October you've got to expect something off.

    I've also tested a alloy Transition Scout 4 on my local trails. I don't feel like it dealt with the XC stuff any better than the Reign and I did use the climb switch on a longish (for here) fire road climb. It was great at hopping up onto stuff or just straight lining over less than ideal lines, obviously not as plush as the Reign was. The bike I was on was pretty beat up (sticky dropper, rear rim needed replacing, Pike was funky) and it still did very well which impressed me quite a bit. The cable rattle was annoying however.

    If push comes to shove, I'd probably buy the Reign as it's easier to get parts (Giant dealers are just about everywhere) for... but I'd probably build it from a frame instead of buying a complete.

    The only other bike I'd like to try is the new Geurilla Gravity Megatrail if I can find one. Adjustable geo (150 or 165 rear) as well as being able to adjust the kinematics separately. Could be perfect... trail or almost a mini-dh feel, but it's alloy only.
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    I ride all the places in your description, including NJ. IMO, yes the first three bikes you listed are overkill, but it depends on how aggressively you want to ride. Most of the trails around here just don't suit a long travel AM type rig. Sure, there are some rowdy, technical spots, but the majority is closer to XC/Trail.

    The second list of bikes you have is where I'd start. Any of those would be perfect and I've taken most of those for a spin myself.

    I think the terrain here suits the short travel but still capable crop of bikes. Think Scout, Smuggler, 5010, Kona Process 134, Trance, Anthem SX, Stumpy, Camber etc...

    FWIW I ride a Process 134.
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    I ride a 2016 Remedy, but I also think a Jeffsy would be a great bike for this general area.

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    Check out JB bikes. They are also having a big demo event on may 28th in Reading. Would be a good chance to try multiple bikes.

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    I would have to agree that the Reign and the others in that 160 and up range would be overkill, although they would be awesome on park days at Mountain creek or Blue Mountain, the everyday trail riding wouldn't be as great on those. I would focus more on the 130-140 travel range like the second list you mentioned (except maybe the Bronson, that's pretty rowdy) for the better all around bike. I have a Specialized Stumpjumper FSR (which is 150 travel but still what I consider more trail oriented) and have a few days at Blue Mountain on it and it handled it just fine, and it is killer on trails and climbs just fine. Prior to the Stumpy I had a Giant Trance and that was also just fine at Blue, and I had a Trek Fuel EX which was awesome also but never got that off the normal trails.

    Bikes now are so well rounded they all can do everything pretty dang good, just some are AWESOME at certain things where others are just slightly less awesome. You'll be pretty happy with any bike on your list to be honest with you.

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    after riding the area for a handful years with a 160mm bike, my next bike will probably be something like the canfield riot (140mm 29er with playful geometry). I think something like that is perfect for our area. However, I also have a DH bike for the parks. I've ridden my 160mm at the parks before getting my DH bike and there really is a huge difference.

    If you have the money, get a real nice trail bike and a used DH bike. That's really the best.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 92gli View Post
    Check out JB bikes. They are also having a big demo event on may 28th in Reading. Would be a good chance to try multiple bikes.
    Excellent advice on JB Bikes. Great shop!
    Another demo option (if the OP could swing it) would be Dirtragfest in Raystown, PA. (May 18-21)
    Pretty much any bike you can imagine will be available to demo and the demo is included with the cost of the weekend event.

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