• 05-04-2009
    Raystown Registration closes at noon 5/5
    Hey Folks, especially those on the fence for camping:
    The registration for the camping weekend at the Raystown grand opening closes tomorrow Tuesday at 12 noon. We have over a 150 people already registered, so we probably will not have space available if you decide to come up at the last minute. You are more then welcome to come up for the day, but if you want to take part in the food, the beer, the entertainment and what not, we will need you to register so we can plan accordingly.
    The trails were fine through saturday, but we have gotten steady rain for the last 36 hours. The trails drain well by design, but we may need to make some specific trail closure decisions later in the week. For now though, the forecast is improving so we should be good to go for the weekend.
  • 05-04-2009
    was thinking about going sunday just to check out the trails. do you know if the trails will be marked on sunday, and do you know if there are any maps? and any update on the weather/trail conditions toward the end of the week would be great - thanks!
  • 05-07-2009
    OK, this will come as a shock to all (it was to me) but the trails are in GREAT SHAPE!!!
    We did some recon rides yesterday and with the exception of a few soft spots, there is no, and I repeat no, mud to speak of! Its almost like we knew what were doing with trail design!
    Joking aside, yes, we are ready to go this weekend and are excited to see everyone. The forecast is actually getting better for the weekend, we may see that glowing thing in the sky Saturday. Safe travels and I will see you on the trails!
  • 05-07-2009

    I'll be pulling in around 5PM. is there anywhere we need to sign in when we get there if we ARE pre registered?
  • 05-07-2009
    nmba guy
    we are in the meadow campground, right off seven points road on the left. there should be plenty of signs and somebody there to get you to the right camping spot
  • 05-07-2009
    Do we have to sign in at the check in station or can we just go to the campground?