Problems at Sonoco/Downingtown trails-
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    Problems at Sonoco/Downingtown trails

    forwarded message from east bradford officials below...

    Good afternoon all –

    I want to bring something to your attention… I’m trying to figure out the best way to approach this and I figured you all are a good place to start since together you represent a large group of mountain bikers in the West Chester/Downingtown area…

    Please see Mark Lucas’ email below which was sent to the Brandywine Valley Archery Club – see the red highlight concerning the Sonoco property (now known as the Harmony Hill Nature Area).

    I don’t have to tell you that this is exactly what the mountain biking community does not want to see. Many of you have put too much time and effort into opening this property to mountain bikers to have a small group of inconsiderate users destroy your commitment.

    The offences described below have taken place on Saturdays. I’m in the process of getting more information from the hunters. There are numerous trail cameras set up through the property and many hunters carry their own cameras. I should soon have more information about where and when these occurrences took place, descriptions of bike colors/types, clothing/jerseys, etc.

    This is why mountain bikers get kicked off properties and why there is controversy over the use. I would hate to think that these individuals are associated with any group, club, team, or bike shop that has been involved in this project. I’m virtually certain that this is not the image any of your groups want to portray.

    If you know or think you may know any of the individuals that are harassing hunters or abusing their rights on this property in any other way, the message to them is this:

    1. First and foremost – harassment and vandalism is illegal
    2. If mountain bikers or any other users have complaints about trail closures or construction, harassing hunters or destroying property is not going to help anything. If anyone wants to see a change – they need to call me and tell me. I’m happy to work with any individual and group and will do my best to address the community’s needs. Do individuals want more challenging features, terrain, etc.? Now’s a good time to tell me because we’re planning the more advanced trail reroutes this winter. Bikers should use their energy and cycling ability constructively.
    3. If mountain bikers or any other users think that harassment or vandalism is going to make the Township “go away,” it will not. The Township is committed to the conservation and stewardship of this property – whether we own it or a conservation organization owns it.

    If you have comments or suggestions about how to address this problem quickly and effectively, please let me know.

    Mandie Cantlin, Assistant Manager

    East Bradford Township

    666 Copeland School Road

    West Chester, PA 19380

    Phone (610) 436-5108

    Fax (610) 436-8652

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    Yikes... Never ridden there on a Saturday, so I guess it wasn't me. From the letter, can we assume that a mountain biker messed with a hunter's equipment (like a tree stand or other personal stuff)?

    Do you know anything else about what exactly happened?

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