We're raising money for the ARC (http://www.thearc.org) of NEPA this Sunday. Last year we raised over $3,200. This year John wants to hit $10,000! Can it happen? Yes! Will it happen?... Come up and join the crazy riders as we jump in and get chilled for a minute of our lives for a great cause. To watch there will be a donation of $10. $20 to jump and get a free T-shirt while supplies last! The "Hubbardites" are all raising over $100 each. That should definitely be a good start.

There will be live entertainment, food, coffee and other refreshments on site. It should last at least until 3-4 o'clock.

We've got people from Jersey, NY and Hamburg, Pa coming so far! How far will you travel for this great cause?


ttyl, Fahn