NEPMTBA, Wyoming Valley Wellness Trails & Moon Lake will be hosting a Keystone Active Zone (KAZ) program kids weekend at the park on August 1st & 2nd. With rides and many other events we hope to educate and share the great sport of mt biking with the next generation!

The Keystone Active Zone Passport is a FREE program that everyone can use to get outside and active at close to home parks, trails and free events over the summer.

How does the program work? The passport has “stops”, all parks, trails and free events in Luzerne County. Visit as many stops as you wish and answer the scavenger hunt question listed for each stop on the passport. Revisit this website or call to submit and log your scavenger hunt answers. You will receive a stamp for each stop successfully visited. Attach your stamp to your passport to log your progress. The more stops you successfully visit and log, the more chances you have to win.


We at NEPMTBA hope local bike shops and other organizations will join us in this great event at Moon Lake Park!

Thanks to Michele from Wyoming Valley Wellness Trails

Updates will follow