• 11-09-2009
    Need Help; Raystown Allegrippis Trails???
    I am very interesed in riding these trails (http://raystown.nab.usace.army.mil/Activities/agt.htm). Heard many great things about them!!! A friend of mine and I, would like to drive out from Lancaster on a Saturday morning, ride the remainder of sunlight. On the following day we would like to ride whats left. My questions are;
    Where should we stay?
    Any good eating? We have no food stipulations, we eat all kinds.
    Where is a good place to start our ride?

    Basically, any advice would be greatly appreciated:D
  • 11-09-2009
    some advice about raystown : http://forums.mtbr.com/showthread.php?t=563783

    it's hunting season - be wearing blaze orange on Sat. Sun should be no-hunting, but yet you may want to "wear" anyway.

    parking, great parking area at this th: map linky

    Good food in Huntingdon, we went to Original Italian Pizza when we were there and it was pretty good but there seems to be other good options there in town.

    No clue on where to stay.

    Beware of your speed, I imagine the trails could be pretty dangerous at speed with the leaf-fall present!

    good luck!
  • 11-09-2009
    Wow! That was quick:thumbsup: Thanks for the info. We were looking to head up January-ish. We will be having some conflicting, and constricting, schedules for the next several weeks. Plus, I figured the leaf situation may improve by January too. It seems that the older(we're not old either!) "we" get, we have to schedule further out for "fun" stuff, like weekend escapades. Can't wait, really stoked for this!
  • 11-09-2009
    I went last month. The only issue I found was most local places (campgrounds) require a 2 nite stay. We rented a cabin which was great. We ate at Boxers in town which I can't speak highly enough of! Great food, beer and prices. If you search "Raystown" in the Pennsylvania forum, you'll find a ton of info, like I did. My family and I had a great time and are planning to go back in the spring.
  • 11-09-2009
    Too bad the campgrounds are closed for the season, that would be my recommendation. It looked like there was a relatively new Comfort Inn (or a similar chain) nearby. Google Huntingdon hotels and I'm sure it'll pop up. Plus, it was stumbling distance from Boxer's, which has a small, but excellent draft beer selection and good food. Bartender was a good guy to boot.

    As for riding recommendations, we did the eastern 2/3 of the trails in a somewhat clockwise loop on one day and then did the western 1/3 in a figure 8 the second day. First day was ~24 miles and took around 4 hours with stops for photos and food. Second day took ~ 1:45 with some photo ops as well. You should have plenty of sunlight if coming from Lancaster.
  • 11-18-2009
    Use www.allegrippistrails.com

    Places to camp: Trough Creek State Park
    Cabin Rentals: www.raystown.org
    Local Club: Raystown Mountain Bike Assoc.
    Bike Shop: Rothrock Outfitters 418 Penn St Huntingdon, Pa 16652
    Boxers Cafe: 410 Penn St Huntingdon, Pa 16652
    Group Rides: generally between 9 and 10am on Sundays meeting in the upper lot. (Bakers Hollow Road. the sign still says Old Loggers Trail)
    Come early and bring a rake.

    Bring a Singlespeed and watch the leaves.
  • 11-19-2009
    Thanks! I actually booked a room last night at the Comfort Inn last night. Walking distance from Boxers Cafe. Everyone's help is greatly appreciated!!!