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    New question here. Mt Biking, why do you do it?

    Let's here your reasons!

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    El Gato Malo
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    It's cheaper than seeing a therapist.

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    wounded knee
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    For me it started as rehabilitation 4 months after major surgery in 2009 to gain mobility and strength in my leg, started out on a Specialized Hardrock on the rails to trails and as my distance grew and I rode every one in Pa, I expanded to N.Y., and then I needed more of a challenge, I wanted to get back into riding singletrack as I did on a Motorcycle before I got hurt.
    Thats when I emailed Lee and got information about Moon Lake
    The Hardrock didn't last long there, I quickly outgrew it in what it was capable of, and went to a Gary Fisher HiFi Deluxe full suspension, not wanting to quit riding in the Winter I got a Pugsley to ride in the snow, and most recently a Salsa El Mariachi.
    So what started out as rehabilitation has grown into so much more, I love being able to go so many different places and ride with so many great people that are more than willing to teach you better technics (Lord knows I can use it), there is a never ending array of new challenges in terrain to try and that keeps it interesting.
    I think it hit me last year when I had a horrible day at work, and was agrevated beyond belief, went on a Wednesday Evening ride and the moment I started to peddle everything else went away, and I felt at peace again.
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    Because of after ride beers!!!

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    Chilling out
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    Because I'd become Unibomber-II if I didn't.

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    If you love what you do, you'll never exercise a day in your life.
    Bikes, lots'o bikes

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    Clyde on a mission!
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    Because it's fun..

    I started out buying a bike to drop some weight, expecting having to ride solely for exercise reasons, but luckily it totally took me by surprise and now I ride because I just can't get enough of it.

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    I eat a carefully regulated diet of high-fat, ultra flavorful foods so rich and toothsome that simply passing my table causes most vegans to break into a clamy sweat and begin dry-heaving. I also drink prodigious amounts of alcohol, not for any heart-health related benefits, but rather because I enjoy the drunken excess.

    I smoked like an industrial period factory. Now stop it! I know what you're saying to yourself. I can hear you now, "I can't believe he's making reference to those old factories where workers were injured and eight year olds were being forced to work 12 hour shifts! The horror!". Yep, it did weigh on my mind that the cigar I was smoking was rolled from hand picked tobacco by children in the fields...but you see, it was just so damn tasty I don't care. In the case of the beautiful tobacco product that graced my presence, the end did indeed justify the means. Same story for the shirt I'm wearing...I'm sure it comes from some textile/slave mill in the Far East where children are toiling as we speak, but then again, it's awfully soft and I rather fancy the price. Makes one wonder if children were the first American workers displaced by overseas competition?

    A layman would look at these things and say, "he doesn't know what he's doing to himself!". But that's where he would be wrong. You see, it's just like vocabulary. I have a decent vocabulary, but I prefer to swear, it just suits me. Further, it's the careful combination of these things that reveal themselves to the true believer. I call it the biker's trifecta. You see, any one of these things by themselves if practiced with regularity will result in a gruesome finish for all(ever listened to someone dying from emphysema? In particular the gasping for air and straining against fluid filled lungs?) But with the biker's trifecta you're hedging your bets. It's the best of both worlds. Do you really want to grow old and die withered up and lonely, dreaming of your ambulatory days only to moments later strive to remember what the hell your addled old mind was dreaming about? With the biker's trifecta you reduce your odds of that. While giving a nod to the careful combination of the three most can successfully enjoy lifes decadent pleasures and still cross the line with a fast-finishing, no-lingering massive coronary event. That, or severe head trauma.

    That is why I mountain bike...
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    Great exercise in the great outdoors that lets me explore and feel like a kid again.

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    The White Jeff W
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    I was looking for something to keep my cardio up over the summer for hockey season. I tried running. Not for me. Mountain biking is fun and great exercise! Now I'd rather bike than play hockey
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    Nickel Havr
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    I don't really know why I started...
    I grew up with BMX and progressed to mountain biking in the mid 90's....

    I ride now because it keeps me sane and helps me feel alive.
    It's the only time my mind is completely at ease and I think of nothing else but the ride.
    I also do it for the thrill and rush of bombing down the trail...
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    Great things are done when men and mountains meet. This is not done by jostling in the street .

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    For Fitness.

    Now my knees and my back are the best they ever felt. My vertical jump is the best it has ever been, Ever!!

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    I Got my mountain bike first to have something to do with my gf now we just can't get enough. I enjoy being out in the woods and also meeting new people all the time

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    Initially it was because I got sick of spending thousands of dollars on building and repairing my Jeep to do the offroad thing with. Camaraderie and physical fitness just happen to be great side effects.
    The bicycle; the noble invention that saves my health, inside...and out.

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    Mt Biking, why do you do it?

    I rode a bike as a kid growing up. Then went to a yz250, and then back to a bike. Got my ex-wife into and now converted my gf from the road to the mtn. It's all about where you can go on a bike and where you want to try to get to on a bike. Sometimes you don't even think about the consequences if you crash. It's just the thrill of trying. Plus the exercise helps. And the scenery isn't too shabby either.

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    As a trucker, I spend all day on the roads. The roads make me stress...a lot. I can't use the roads to relax after I've been dealing with the same traffic on them all day. Therefore, I prefer to ride in the woods where it's only me, my thoughts, and a (usually) a good friend.

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    For fun. For exercise. To spend more time in the woods. To keep fit so that I can keep doing the same thing for another 20 years.

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    why do i do it good ????? mini asked me to give it a try so i did . been hooked ever since . it is very good for my mental state of mind. you really cant think of anything but riding . and it is good for the soul !

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