Hi Everyone. Just when you thought it was safe to stay at home on a cold wintry, possibly rainy and/or snowy day, some wiseguys have decided to do another trail BUILDING day at Sals!

Come out and feel the cold, wet ,achy,misery transcended by endorphins and a sense of community, social gayety and accomplishment! Stare at the pretty lines and whack away with the tool of your choice at the silty sals soil and lift stubborn heavy rocks that are probably a little heavier than you should really be messing with!

Don't like to work but just want to hang out, look around, and BS? Talk with John, our on-site moderator, about inane topics related to local history, politics,personalities and "how they used to do things" in the woods 100 + years ago...

So there it is. We'll work on the new blue extender trail which may become our Sals pathway into the future in light of current hopes/expectations.

Meet up on Constitution a little below where the red trail crosses. Tools provided, but we can always use picks, shovels, loppers.

We will work SPECIFICALLY on the 1st and second climbing turns and they area in between them and just after.Tasks to be done include bencutting, digging and transporting and redepositing clay fill,sculpting turns,tight flagging the next section, etc