Moon Lake park reminders

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  • 10-05-2009
    Moon Lake park reminders
    Moon Lake park reminders

    Main Gate closes at 6PM(no exceptions you will get locked in) ~ If you arrive pre 6PM and plan to ride extending past 6PM just park outside the gate when you start or be sure to be out by 5:30 so the security doesn't have to look for you. They like to go home after a hard day at work just like you do... Riding after 6, park outside and ride, ride, ride inside..LOL:D

    Night riding "IS" allowed at MLP

    Riding is allowed 365 days including night riding at MLP

    No Hunting at MLP

    XC sking at MLP(snow necessary)... LOL

    Any problems call 911

    It your park so come enjoy it!


  • 11-12-2009
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    Moon Lake Park Reminders
    Just remember, the park is now locked down at 5pm, if you are inside after this time you will be locked in. Of course, I can think of worse places to be locked in.:arf:
  • 11-13-2009
    Thanx for the tips, dude. Great idea to post up about this as you get more and more of us non-locals riding there. Much appreciated. I can tell you everyone from our little pocket of the world fall into two categories at this point: Those who have ridden the Moon and those who want to. We had two more guys from our little unofficial group make their first trek up yesterday. I haven't talked to them yet to see how it went, but I'm sure they had a blast. The combination of well groomed leaf blown trails and the lack of a need to worry about getting shot make it well worth the hour fifteen drive from here.