I have to say thanks for all you did at your event and for the opportunity to meet so many great people. It gave NEPMTBA the chance to spread the mt biking word to moto, snow, hunters and others. Like I always said NEPMTBA is worldwide and Doc from Australia was kept in the loop as I sent him the first pic we all took by the fire before the rides started with the jetskis in the pond. At which point I have no idea what time it was in Ouzzyland, but he got it! He emailed me back and said it looked like the Boston Tea party you rebel upstarts.(of course in his fine English tone)...LOL

The best part of the ride was the "Roundabout" maze. Like Skirmish on an MTB or Moto. It was like something no one ever rode before! I can see how many riders want to build one in their local areas. Suzukigurl never got out..hee hee. Jimmy had to go find her as you know. It's true the Carrot does float, even if it turns upside down!...LOL That poor thing has been in more water than the Titanic, but never fails to run. You were out on the moto ride and missed your dad laughing(eyes watering) He was doubled over and had to walk away. I left the Carrot with your dad cause I didn't have room in the rig and I will pick it up next time we ride trials at your place I hope it will be before we go to Clearfield for the ride Volcano ride.

I know you went way out of your way with the huge plans, but you pulled them all off and made lot's of riders happy, from food to buying extra mtb lights so others could experience for the first time what night riding is about. I'm so glad I was able to meet them. Your dad is great! He's definitely the pappa bear and looked after everyone including Scotty... (duh Sorry Scotty...LOL) His bon fire kept everyone warm and no one ever mentioned the rain! That's a hearty bunch, who never complains. Some of my best rides and fun in the past were with your crew in the freezing rain and snow with screws in the tires!

So making plans for the 2010 Winter MTB/Moto funfest and I can't wait for it again. Planning to pick up the new 2010 Gas Gas before so I'll be all tuned up! Scotty is in for one also. I know it will be a blast and I we will set up the MTB course again. We can use my flatbed trailer as part of the sections.

I'm glad I could be part of all of it.
Gotta go work now, but I will be smil'in all day!