• 06-09-2007
    Merli Update!!! and LSP trail work day
    Today me and Geist262 went up Merli to do some trail work. We decided to start on... The "Start loop"! Go figure! We weedwacked the first 10 feet and then about another 100 feet all together on the entire trail. Geist and me would switch with the leaf rake several times. It's amazing how much faster a trail is when you can SEE where you're going! We didn't do any sanitizing at all. No rocks were moved, no roots were cut. I regraded only 10 feet or so of the trail and put in some run-off ditches off of the trail (not in the trail). We then started up the Orange trail (main loop) and just reached Squeeze Play. We did the intro and exit of SP and that was it. On the Orange trail we cut back some of the Beech tree limbs that were hanging in to the trail. It took us about 4 hrs to acomplish maybe 1.5-2 miles of work.

    Go and test it out and tell us what you think.

    Last week I did some of the New Orange trail on my own, but still have a ton of work up there to do as I'd like to do the entire park. Next week is kinda shot for me because of...

    Trail work up Lackawanna State Park on Sunday. Here's the info on that. PS. This is Huge! (especially about the bridge!)

    From Joe Tierney:

    Good news for the trail system at LSP. The manager Alex Stout is very happy with the hard work we have been doing. He has approved another project to better the system. It is a 3 phase project that we will start soon (see below). Phase 1 is to reroute Frost Hollow trail head to a sustainable trail switch back & to reclaim the old trail. I have already started some prelim. work on this. Phase 2 is rock armor a solid path thru the mud bog of the Abington trail just before it meets Frost Hollow. Phase 3 is to rebuild Snowflake on higher sustainable ground, this will be a beautiful contour trail.

    First trail work session is June 17 at 8:00 am , we will bench cut the new switchback at frost hollow. Bring Mattock,saws,gloves, water, & other similar tools.

    Please sign up by sending me a return email if you can make this session.
    (Let me know on this board and I can let Joe know for you as I'm not posting his info on here)

    In other news the Countryside Conservancy has recvd a growing greener grant from Lackawanna County for the replacement of the old county bridge below the dam. Construction is slated to start in 6 months or sooner. It will be 5 ft wide pedestrian bridge. There is a good possibilty we will be able to put a mult use trail in behind the campground area next year (provided we get enough volunteers to finish all the chores above first). This will enable the eniter trail system to be looped with no out and back sections & minimal road. Remember there is currently NO riding allowed on the campground trails.

    A special note to all trail adopters & any one else that wants to pitch in. The park has lots of honeysuckle & multa flora rose (pickers). These are invasive plants that can be freely cut back or pulled out. I need every ones help in cutting way back all this crap. Saws work well with the honeysuckle (you can even dump a little full strength round up in the open wound to prevent it from growing back. Cut way back to get several years of clear trail. I have a power medal blade weed wacker that anyone can borrow.

    Thatís it for now, hope to see ya on the 17th.

    Happy Trails,

    Joe Tierney

    Once again, Contact me (LarryFahn) if you want in on the Lackawanna State Park for next Sunday, June 17, or Merli anytime as I sometimes go up after work around 5pm weekdays or Saturdays that I'm available. Please do not do any maintenance without permission. Thanks, Fahn
  • 06-09-2007
    I went back up merlis about 6 and rode a small loop. I ran into some technical difficulties with my rear deraileur. Anyway, start loop is great and much faster! Orange needs alot of work, more than I thought. I will try and get some more guys up there for the next time, I am sure we would cover more ground. Larry, when your ready to go back up, give me a hollar. Riding that trail after working on it was rewarding for sure.:thumbsup: Have a good one!
  • 06-11-2007
    Larry...Give me a heads-up when you plan to continue the work at Merli. We would've helped if we had known about it. We'd like to do our part in maintaining the trails that we enjoy. We'll be at the LSP workday Sunday (I already responed to Joe's email), riding tomorrow at Frances Slocum and Thursday at Hubbard. Let's talk about it more on Thursday.
  • 06-12-2007
    Sorry about that guys. I wasn't sure if I was doing anything last weekend, and just made the decision Saturday morning. I want to put together a work day on 6-30. We'll discuss on Thursday. ttyl, Fahn
  • 06-13-2007
    Go check out Squeeze Play. About Half is done. ttyl, Fahn