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    Jim Thorpe Trails Status?

    Just got back from Thorpe today and I couldnt help but wonder what the future holds for this area. I think that there are some locals that post here and are pretty involved, perhaps you can shed some light on the situation?

    1. State game lands, been pretty well covered here. Official bottom line is no bikes allowed, correct?

    2. Mauch Chunk Ridge, Galens Surprise/Option. All torn up at the top, near flagstaff. Looks like they are building alot of houses up there all the way up to the last singletrack before the doubletrack to the option. On top of that, the quads have pretty much had their way with the trail. I also noticed a bunch of 'for sale' signs on the land up flagstaff road.

    Is there any talk of cutting a new trail from flagstaff road to join up to the option? This would bypass most of the new construction.

    3. The Strip Mines, now that a good chunk of the singletrack has been widened by quads I heard that there was a 'for sale' sign, 700+ acres, on the way to Nesqahoning, is this the strip mines?

    Whats the prognosis doc? based on the happenings of the past 4 years, I would say, although I dont want to, that the JT trails situation is on a slippery slope. Are we going to loose this gem? I certainly hope not. Whats the scoop?

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    Wow. I stopped going to Jim Thorpe when they closed the deer path. But it sounds like things are changing for the worse...

    Anybody have any more insight?

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