Issues with Hunting Seasons in SE PA or Delaware?-
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    Issues with Hunting Seasons in SE PA or Delaware?

    Hi all,

    I live in VT but am going to be in the West Chester area next week (the week before Thanksgiving). Iím planning to bring my bikes to I can do some riding but am wondering if you have any issues down there with riding during hunting seasons? Up here in VT pretty much everything is shut down for a few weeks as we are in the middle of our rifle season. I donít want to bring the bikes down just to find everything closed!

    Iím looking at places like the Brandywine State Park, White Clay Creek, and the Wissahickon Valley Park.



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    I know that Marsh Creek State Park is open to ride (and hunt). Its 30 minutes from West Chester. Recommended that you wear orange. I've seen only a few hunters there in the last month. No problems.

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    In Pennsylvania, rifle season for deer starts the Monday after Thanksgiving and runs for two weeks (generally...there may be some variations in some areas). around here (central part of the state) its a good idea to stay out of the woods during those two weeks except for Sundays when hunting is not allowed.

    The week before thanksgiving is bear season in PA, I believe. not nearly as many hunters in the woods compared to deer season. as said above if you head out wear orange.

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    WC has a large area closed this week for shotgun hunting. MidRun and JudgeMorris are open but have active archery going down. Shotgun season ends Sat in WC. They have pretty large signs posted at trailheads in case you are not sure about whats what. I was there monday and got in about 17 miles without touching WC so its still a worthwhile loop

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    Could always go for a short ride at Harmony Hill in Downingtown too; it's small but so close to West Chester it's nice if you don't have a lot of time. Only 7 hunters assigned to that area, and of course no hunting Sundays. Just wear orange.

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    In general all deer hunting is closed except a few special cases until the Monday after thanksgiving. Archery ended on Saturday. We are in the short bear season now, but most of that will be hunting northern and north central pa, nothing really in the WC area. You should be pretty good to go in that area unless it is one of the special WMU's. Check the pa game comission website for hunting seasons.

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    Ben, While in the area, wear Orange & take the opportunity to 'RideNox' .
    don't tell me, "Show Me " !

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    Wiss is always open during the day everyday and no hunting; arguably one of the best places in SEPT to ride. Like everyone said you are good until rifle starts Nov 30th. PA has no hunting on sundays. If you are in WC, Harmony hill and the trails on the school house loop side are good (if you exit harmony hill and cross route 320 for the rest of the trails you will want a local or check strava to figure out the trails) french creek state park is not far and marsh creek is real close. Wissahickon is 45 min depending where u are in WC area.

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