First of all, I’d like to introduce myself: long time lurker, second time poster. Currently living near Easton, Pa and riding the usual Lehigh Valley spots with some lift days at Blue Mountain and Mountain Creek mixed in.

Today, while lamenting the the lack of readily accessible trail within a convenient riding distance from my house—just easier on weekdays after work— I went out for a cruise to prospect potential trail build spots. Rather serendipitously, I stumbled upon some singletrack with Some fun features sprinkled in. Not sure who built this convenient little gem, but if they are on here I’d like to thank them!! Furthermore, if you are the mysterious trail builder(s) responsible for this Eastonish area trail(s) PM me as I’d like to help with maintenance or further building—and always looking for people to shred with of course.

I’m being rather vague as these trails were not built by me and I don’t want to blow them up on whomever built them. Thanks again!