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    Harrisburg, PA

    Considiering a move to Harrisbur, PA. Need to know how is it for Mtbiking. Are there nearby trails in and just outside the city? How is the riding in general. my point of reference is the DC area (rolling terrain and rooty) or El Paso TX (desert terrain with a sh**load of loose rocks).

    Also, would come with kids. Is it a good environment for them. Are there activities for them (soccer, running, swimming and horseback riding). How are the schools?

    Anything else you can pass along would be appreciated.


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    There are a few trails in the city area such as the green belt and some splinters off that. If you don't mind driving for a little more core riding, there is Mt Gretna, Camp Mack, or Rocky ridge. All are a mix of roots rocks and hills but not particularly high ones.
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    Terrain is mostly the same as you have in Md/DC/NoVa with all types of options. It all depends on your driving radius and where you decide to live. Activities and schools depend on if you live in the city or one of the suburbs. Again, it's a lot like DC and the surrounding communities. Some options are better than others. If you're coming with family and children, I wouldn't live downtown. One thing you'll appreciate is the cost of living is much more affordable than DC/NoVa. Riding is as good or even better, depending on what you like.

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    Riding in H'Burg is about to get a lot better in that it will be more official.

    Riding around and outside H'Burg is nothing like DC at all though. Rocky tech. It is pretty awesome!

    As for schools, soccer, etc... I don't have kids so I don't know, but I do know I see TONS of soccer fields and kids everyone. I live in Lebanon, which is baout 25-30 minutes from H'Burg.

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    Micky, a good resource for looking at school districts is paschoolperformance.org. Schools are sorted by county / district and it also breaks down elementary, middle, high school. Click on the academic performance tab. The academic ratings are updated annually.

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    World class riding at Rattling Creek about a half hour north of center city Hburg.
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    Yep, Gretna & Camp Mack are a short drive, and as mentioned there's Rattling Creek & Rocky Ridge. Swatara SP is pretty close too. Take a look at sambabiker.com
    A little farther there's also Michaux SF, French Creek, Mt. Penn, Alegrippis and Rothrock.

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    As most have said, pretty much any serious riding you'll have to drive, but the plus is you have all sorts of nice parks all under an hours drive. Michoux, rocky ridge? (york), swatara (my favorite) rattling creek, tuscarora, so on so forth.

    I don't know much about the schools but harrisburg is like any other city, you have some nice areas and some pretty shitty areas, It all depends on where in the city you move to.

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    Lots of single track @ Camp Tuckahoe in Dillsburg and some short fun trails off of the Harrisburg Greenbelt.

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