• 08-13-2007
    Happy birthday to me monday nigtht ride
    i have not posted in a while and today is a good day for it i figure i go out and ride until i pass out.

    O.K.! the real reason for this post is to brag about my 9yr old son. That kid road his bike from Lincoln drive all the way to Valley Green via yellow trail. Nearly making the initial climb surprised me enough, but when he decided to continue i was blown away as he rolled threw all the rock gardens just like dad showed him. watching him ride yesterday was birthday present enough for me.

    here are a couple pictures
  • 08-13-2007
    Here ya go!
    Big Keith:

    Happy Birthday! The kids got skills!:thumbsup:


    Then scroll down


  • 08-13-2007
    Thanks. i will add your site to my favorites