I grew up in Lititz and am bringing the family back for 12 days to visit my folks. I was going to bring a bike but a buddy of mine (roadie only) found me a road bike to ride so I figured for the arm and leg the airline wants, I could do without my mountain bike. However, this board has got me really wanting to experience some PA mountain biking. I hiked GD as a kid and on my wife's first trip with me to PA we went and did it. Now I'd like to ride it as well as anything else close by. I'll either be staying in Cornwall or Camp Hill. One problem...

I don't have a bike.

I'm not much for asking for things and letting someone ride one of my bikes is like farming out my wife (don't think that ). However, I thought I'd see if anyone out there has something they'd let me ride. I'll give you a deposit and some Yuengling (damn I miss that stuff ) or if you want to show me around, I'll welcome the company.

Here's my specs:
34 y/o
Warwick H.S. grad '93
I've raced everything from sprint triathlons to 1/2 Ironmans and 5 man 24 hour team to solo 24 (just took third in Cool, CA...lots of mud)
I mostly ride a rigid 29er single speed so it doesn't have to be a recliner on wheels.

I'll respect your stuff.