Greenwood Furnace (Rothrock) when WET??-
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    Greenwood Furnace (Rothrock) when WET??

    Need a Plan B for Allegrippis if it's wet. What trails at Greenwood hold up well when wet?

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    There's really no MTB trails at Greenwood. There are a few multi-use trails labeled bike/hike/snowmobile/snowshoe I believe, but they aren't anything to seek out. When camping there I scouted them, and turned around they were that bad - kind of expected that since I never hear anybody talk about riding there, but wanted to see for myself. Thankfully Greenwood is adjacent to the Coopers Gap area of Rothrock State Forest. You can ride to the trails from the campground, but be prepared for a pretty good uphill gravel grind. Look at trails like Chicken Peter, Beautiful, Deer Tick, Shittaka, Sandhole, Brushy Ridge, Chestnut Spring, Dutch Alvin, Sassafras, Pig Pile. A 20 mile loop can easily be put together linking these trails up via the gravel roads. These trails hold up pretty good to moisture due to the high rock content of the trail surface and/or the sandy gravel soil. If it's really wet, stay up higher on the ridges. Obviously wet conditions = slippery rocks. Hope this helps.

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    a. Allgrippis can handle a fair amount of water w/o issue, almost like it was designed that way (wink). But, based upon guidance from ACOE check whether the trails are closed or not if you're concerned, and watch out for fallen leaf issue here and there.

    b. +10 on the Coopers Gap area comments, great stuff, and particularly when staying on the upper 2/3 of the hills and ridges the drainage is excellent (as it is for most of Rothrock SF).

    c. Another good alternative, depending upon where you're staying, may be the Trailmix route(s) out of Tussey Mtn (closer to State College). Doing either half of the epic has small quantity of low-lying trail, less on the Tussey ridge side. Well documented and well travelled trail, a consideration for the out of area visitor.

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    Any good route/direction suggestions for Coopers? Parking (up near the rocky trails)? Looking for 2-3 hrs up on the rocks this weekend. Thanks

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    A few good routes on trailforks

    If you get the trailforks app on your phone, it will show your location on the trailmap and help guide your journey. Enjoy!

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