To all users of Gov. Dick there is a meeting of the Support Committee on Thursday July 14, 2005, at 7 pm. at the education building on Pinch Road. I am the president of this group and I would really like your support.

To get volunteers to sign up for sub-committees (trail use and maintenance, deer control, invasive plants…) in order to care for the park and aid in setting up policy.

Why should you care?
There are very few areas to mountain bike in this area and we can not afford to loose any more. Volunteering time in the park greatly helps to improve relations with park managers (look at the York county parks) and from the work we already did in the park I can say it has helped a lot at Gov. Dick.

What can you do?
As a start come to the meeting and offer your support. Show that the mountain bikers care. Spread the word!

Brian Arnold
SAMBA Trail Coordinator