• 03-12-2009
    Elizabethtown Area Trails?
    So I am going to school here in a Elizabethtown. I was just wondering where some trails are. I am looking for something that would hopefully be open this weekend. If not the next few weeks would be good. I am mostly looking for the best trails within 45 minutes of here.
  • 03-13-2009
    Mt. Gretna is probably your closest place, about 12 miles from E-town. Real easy to get to too, head right up 241. click on my sig link for the SAMBA website which has a trail map.
    You can also hit me up if you'd like to be shown around there, I'll be out sat and sun morning
  • 03-14-2009
    What do you ride? xc, dh, etc?
  • 03-15-2009
    I mostly ride xc. I have been checking out some info on the Mt. Gretna trails they look to be fairly fun.
  • 03-15-2009
    You can also ride the Conewago Trail, which is a rail trail...kinda boring but a decent off-road ride.

    In Marietta (where I am) you can ride along the river between Riverfront Park and Columbia, on your back cross 411 and do a few laps around Circle Creek Park. Mostly flat single track, but easier than most of Gretna.

    Rocky Ridge is also only about 25 minutes away in York, and nice all-mountain mix over there.