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    Did you ever?

    Went riding on Sun. with a guy just starting out. Riding the trail, hopping logs etc. The guy I'm with says show me how to hop a log. No problem I say. I explain how it's done and proceed to demonstrate on a very easy obstacle. I approach a log maybe 8 inches tall. Piece of cake.

    In mid demo I go flying over the handle bars. He comes running over with a horrified look on his face. I pick myself up grateful I didn't break anything, look him in the eye and say "that's how not to do it".

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    yep. pretty much the same deal with me, except i was going over a hump in the trail instead of a log. i kinda did a little jump, went off the trail, and came down weird with my handlebars slightly turned. i went ass over teakettle and landed with my bike next to me. oh, also my glasses and hat got knocked off (no helmet at the time, it was supposed to be a 5-minute ride looking for deer tracks)
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    Not quite the same thing, but was riding with a small group and had just replaced a very worn set of brake pads. A couple of guys had stopped at a trail intersection as I was approaching. I went for the quick stop and got more braking power than I had bargained for. Straight over the bars, landing on my back at their feet. I laughed so hard, I couldn't move, as they just stood over me with a look of shock and awe at my amazing dismounting skills.

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    I built a short trail in the woods behind my house. I tried to include a lot of the features that I come across on a typical ride for practice. At one point you come down the hill & roll over two pretty big logs (big enough to hit the bash ring) about 6 feet apart then make a right turn & roll over a small log about 4 or 5 inches around that I left in as an afterthought.

    I always clear the big ones but the little one has sent me over the bars twice.
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