Beginners Clinic at Frances Slocum-
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    Beginners Clinic at Frances Slocum

    Wow! I am so glad that I attended the beginners riding clinic last night at Frances Slocum.

    I recently bought a mountain bike after not being on a bicycle for over 14 years. How different could it be from blasting through the trails on my Yamaha. Night and day, my friends. Now, I can enjoy my surroundings because I am interacting with them and not just passing them! What a wonderful experience!

    When I first ventured out onto the trails, I was less than confident. With a little seat time and the guidance of my very good friend, Lee, I started gaining confidence. I found myself riding over and around things I never though I could.

    I have to give much credit to Lee. He is a very knowledgeable and competent rider. He was very patient with me, giving me helpful hints along the trail.

    I now know why he is so patient and willing to help new riders. This is a wonderful recreational activity. He wants to share it with as many people as possible. I do, too.

    Regardless of your skill level I invite everyone out to Frances Slocum on Tuesdays or even to Moon Lake on Wednesdays. Just come out and have a great time! The hardest part is turning off the TV and coming out, but once you do you will be hooked and you will be glad you did! Hope to see you on the trails!


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    Good job!


    It's great to see someone for the first time enjoy what we all have enjoyed many times over and over, yet we never stop learning the ways of the trail and nature. Just when we think we have it figured out nature throws us a curve in the form of rain, mud, or dry conditions that all ride different!

    Your right! You started out with the wide open OMG in your eyes, but soon found out you too can do all there is to do! It just takes a bit of repetitive attempts and your on your way! Coming from a motorcycle background as you and I do we are used to our good friends: rocks, logs, and dirt, but all can learn to feel comfortable with these elements. Like you sad learning to go slow is very important to going fast! Sometimes it just takes a bit of looking around to see stuff you may have missed many times.

    I'm glad to host clinics at a great place like Frances Slocum SP, mOOn lake and others cause they all differ in well... different ways!

    So step one is in your book now it's Wednesday night at the mOOn for a different feel and different trails!

    Job well done my friend! A+ or as we say in the motorcycle world WFO...

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