• 05-24-2009
    Bed and Breakfasts near Raystown
    I want to come ride the new trail system at Raystown, and enjoy staying at bed and breakfasts.

    I did a search under Hesston PA but came up with nothing, does anyone know of any close to the area?
  • 05-25-2009
    Try a search of nearby Huntingdon. About 10 to 15 minute drive. Since Juniata College is located there, I am sure there will be plenty of places to stay. Also, the Seven Points Marina has house boats to rent which would be pretty nice for a weekend.

  • 05-25-2009
    raystown.org is the visitor's bureau and has a lot of lodging info. I have stayed at several rental houses there that are great, but not a b and b. There is a place called sunshine acres that is an old farm house that has been renovated and is about mile and a half from the trail head. Really nice secluded set up.
  • 05-31-2009
    There are campsites at the Lake but if you are looking for a B & B you might try this one:


    I haven't stayed there myself but I've been inside and its not bad. It's a pretty big place and they have a lot of rooms. I'd guess it's about 13 miles from the lake.

    The trails, by the way, are AMAZING. Very fast, surprisingly smooth and not a straight line anywhere. There must be hundreds of rollers. It's kind of like a BMX course but it's all singletrack that seems to snake through the woods forever. No huge climbs either, so you can stay in your middle ring or use a singlespeed.

    If you come down drop me a line. I live in Huntingdon.
  • 06-01-2009
    nmba guy
    probably not what you are looking for but incase anybody else comes across this thread and is looking for a place for a larger group, check these guys out
  • 06-01-2009
    Santa Clauz

    Edgewater acres is about 15 mins away between alexandria and petersburg. Its something you might be looking for. Probably a bit more expensive but set back in surrounded by farm fields and the little Juniata river is right behind it.
  • 06-02-2009
    Thanks so much for all the help, I can't wait to ride the trails!