back in the saddle via Moon Lanke-
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    back in the saddle via Moon Lanke

    I will apologize now as this is a long post.

    So My buddy and I used to ride about 4-5 years ago. We would ride as much as well could. Well my wife and I had our first daughter 3.5 years ago and another this past Feb. So as you can see things became a little crazy. I started out on a Trek 3700 then sold that and bought a Cannondale Prohpet 600. He started on an iron Horse and upgraded to a Giant Trance 2. Back then I thought FS was the only option and the best thing to buy and that's what we did. I rode it maybe 8 times before my first daughter was born and put it away until I sold it last year. Ben also stopped riding his bike and got into other things as well.

    Most of my weekends are dedicated to my kids and disc golf. Well about a month or so ago I decided I needed to get back into shape. I have 2 more years until I am 30! so I started jogging. Well, I am not much of a fan of it and thought I should look into getting a bike again. My buddy happened to be selling his Redline Monocog for 125.00 so I jumped on it. My buddy and I took the bikes out yesterday at Moon lake (I am from Bloomsburg and he is from Nanticoke)

    I will try to describe where we rode and maybe you can tell me which trails we were on.

    1st thing we did was throw 9 holes of disc golf to get the blood flowing.

    Then we rode in the skills park for a few minutes.

    After that we rode down Big Blue I think? just past the disc golf course. After that trail we came out into a small field with a fence around concrete.

    We turned right and went onto I think "The Dark" ? and rode that along the way coming onto to "squeezer" we rode up the hill there and came to a field full of picnic tables. After that we had no idea where to go so we rode down into the camp area but did not see any trails heads or signs for trails so we rode back to where we came from and went back down to "squeezer" and back out to the fence field.

    From there we rode down towards the marina and past that parking lot until we came to a trail head that was dedicated to a guy(can't remember the name on the sign as I type this)

    We rode that for a little then hung a left onto a trail that took us up hill and had white markings on trees. We got to the top and we were then back onto Big Blue, there was a an intersection and I think we continued onto Big Blue and we went back down hill and came to the main road that leads to the park entrance, which obviously was the wrong way to go so we headed back up Big Blue until we spotted Deacon and played there for a little while. Once done there we rode back onto a trail that lead us across the road from the park office, the trail said Natures Way.

    Once we were done with that ride we took a break and played 18 more holes of disc golf. We then found out the park office had a trails map so we got one and headed up to check out RC field. Then we decided to ride Dual, then take Mozee then finish on Peek A Boo, again we could not find a trailhead for the Dual. We ended up riding what looked like a trail but not really sure. I take it maybe Dual is not rode often and is kinda fading away? We did pick up a trail then but not sure which one until we finished it and seen a sign that said mozee. I then found what appeared to the trail head for peekaboo and rode that and then rode back to the skills park for a little more playing around then left.

    All in all we had a great time. The trail system seems rather confusing and the way the map is laid out made it even more confusing. Are there trail heads with signs on most of the trails or only the more popular trails? The northshore and trials stuff is awesome. The trails in general are great and has to be the best place I have ridden and can't wait to get back. Here are some random pictures from the day.

    Ben has been thinking of getting a SS bike so he opted to take his dad's Iro out instead of his trance

    This spot was really sweet and I could spend a few hours here even though I cannot do trials I still like to try.

    Ben checking things out

    Me checking things out

    Me riding on one of the smaller rocks

    Me checking out on of the bridges off a rock, I have video of it but on my home PC it was a little intimidating after not being on a bike for 3
    + years

    the teeter, this thins is sweet

    the boards, I cleaned it 2 times tried maybe 6 times or so

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    ... and if we just ...

    ok the first thing you did was part of big blue but to get to the concrete with the fence (sewage place) you rode either slide or JKE

    you did the dark and from dark you did squeezer (which is on screamer) and you came out at the campground.....if you get out on the road after you get off screamer do not go down the hill go up and you will come to one last campsite before a long but not that tall rock wall....there is a trail on the right and that is t-rex could also go further and you will see a gravel road.....that is just a service road but you could go up that and catch trails that way such as edge of the ledge, t-rex 1, or you could also catch t-rex 2 there........if you go far enough up to the water tower you could get on NFS...there are a whole bunch of ooptions up that way

    dual starts over by the parking lot of the pool and switchbacks down....its not frequently ridden....

    some of the signs are still being made and painted.......also there are rides at Moon Lake hosted by the group NEPMTBA every Wednesday at 6pm.....if you're intrested and have time you should come!!!

    Chriffer is a member here on mtbr and is an awesome guy.....he rides the moon a lot.....he makes and updates all the maps so here is a link to his site with the maps:

    if you've got any questions just let us know!!!!
    I'm the kind of person you need to keep your eye on or I'll wander off into the woods and forget to come back...

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