Anyone ride Camelback in PA????-
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    Anyone ride Camelback in PA????

    Wanted to talk to someone that has rode Camelback in PA.
    I heard that they are running the lift for biking??????

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    Quote Originally Posted by sivarthuns
    Wanted to talk to someone that has rode Camelback in PA.
    I heard that they are running the lift for biking??????
    I don't know what it's like now. They offered lift service for bikes ~ 10 yrs ago, but then discontinued it. I rode there once back in 1993 but, at that time, the riding wasn't all that great. Basically, it was just a bunch of wide open runs down the major ski trails. No obvious singletrack to speak of then, but it may be completely different now.

    More recently, I've heard that there's a lot of good (non-lift served, XC) riding on Camelback and in the surrounding area, BUT most of it is "impossible" to find without a local to show you around.

    P.S. I just checked camelback's website. It says they're closed for the season, and there's absolutely no mention of biking anywhere on the site.
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    I rode the game lands near Camelback a few years ago with a friend. I think they closed the actual Camelback property to bikes a few years ago.

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    But it open to sking

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    Give a call to The Loft in Tannersville... 570-629-2627...last time I was there they had maps of the trails surrounding Camelback.
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    Camelback is not open for biking but the gamelands are. Drive past camelback past northridge on your right will be parking, park there. Unload start on the road to your right as you get under the power line go right. you'll see the single track opening on the left. Follow that out til deep lake. its one hell of a ride. from deep lake go left up fire road. keep looking to your right. you will see "hole in the wall" its very small and the opening is 4ft off the ground. its easy to miss. but once ya find it your golden again. follow that it rocks its fast and enjoy. now you'll end up right next to route 80. Take the atv path to the left. follow that back to the main part of the game lands. Here you will come to a 4 way intersection go straight. at the following 4way go straight. on your left will be the deer trail. it bends left so its easy to pass. Follow the deer path til it ends. you'll end up in a dead end with a hemlock on your right and a covered trail to the left. go left and soon you will see a trail on the right(its kind of overgrown) follow that trail "henry's trail) its mainly downhill with many switch backs. That will take you to south trail on big pocono state park. from there go left and your back on top follow the road back to your car or take south trail back to your car.

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