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    Abandoned turnpike review

    So I just got back from this ride today, I had been wanting to check it out for a while. Basically, there’s a 16 mile section of the PA turnpike by Breezewood that’s been abandoned for about 50 years. It has a bit of a post-apocalyptic, Mad Max vibe, all torn to hell and slowly being reclaimed by nature. There’s a couple of tunnels that are kind of cool.

    So I figured I’d ride it as an out-and-back. Rode it out, and started the back, but really by that point I was over it. Lots of litter and bad graffiti for scenery, and honestly, after the first dick pic spraypainted by a socially retarded middle schooler, the next 40 are just overkill.

    On the “back”, I decided to take a detour. On the west side of the easternmost tunnel, there is a bit of doubletrack on the north side of the trail that leads down to the Oregon Camp and Oregon Road. Really nice gravel roads down there and the road basically parallels the abandoned turnpike back to the trailhead. There are a ton of really rough trails and “roads” (in quotes because while they have names like Woodridge Road, there really isn’t much if anything roadlike about them) to explore along the way. I actually enjoyed these explorations a lot more than the actual Pike2Bike riding.

    So if you want to check out the abandoned turnpike, by all means, knock yourself out, but definitely don’t miss the other riding the area has to offer.

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    cool! been through the tunnels a few times while riding across the state. the one comically huge schlong always made me laugh but then i guess humor comes easy when your dead tired from riding... it is a shame they are in such poor shape. it was always kinda dicey riding through that section on a roadie; to make sure you didn't puncture on all the debris and sh!t pavement.

    there is a lake not too far off the tunnels trail somehwere too.

    always wanted to go back and explore that section (and many others) with an mtb.

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