A bit of recon and ride...

Exploring the first day of the New Year, and riding would make this day exciting. Time to fix stuff, devastated by the flood of 2011. As the surrounding mountains, where now nothing looks the same, and connections were totally gone. Millions of tons of soil and rock are now where they have never been before. The goals are to find old trails and new pathways.

As young person I rode here many times over the years. 2017 opens new doors and plans to be carried out. Hard to see this stuff rearranged like this, but none the less moving on and finding new routes is always exciting. Good to have friends who think the same, and are willing to do tons of work to restore what once was. Being out the entire day riding and working with friends had things back in order. Many lost connections are now reconnected. Travel is once again restored, and the prospects of riding in 2017 looks great! More work has to be done, but a super start now has the tires rolling again on new ventures.
2017 New Years Day!-dsc02875.jpg2017 New Years Day!-dsc02915.jpg