• 01-28-2008
    2008 NEPMTBA Trail Report (new feature)
    To all:

    Here's the basic 2008 Trail Report for North Eastern Pennsylvania from NEPMTBA.

    This will give you an idea of what's here and you can also Mapquest or Google map an area for a planned ride in your future. These flyers will be available at either NEPMTBA office located in Kingston or Wyoming or from any NEPMTBA members in the near future. We hope to make all info easily accessible to find ride areas and conditions.

    We will add a Trail Report feature to the NEPMTBA website soon. You can always call or email the local area to get current conditions. Some of the areas are just now getting on board with this feature so if you don't find the info Email NEPMTBA.

    In the future we will bump this post to the top and please post all questions about NEPA in this post as it will fill up with lot's of valuable info. We hope to make this a database here on MTBR for all to use to access info on our area. We will add more info as the riding season gets closer, so check our website often.

    2008 Trail Report

    List of places to ride Mt. bikes and hike in Northeastern Pa.
    (Listed northern most to southern most areas)

    Merli-Sarnoski County Park (Carbondale, Pa)
    Hubbard Bicycle Club (Justus, Pa.)
    Lackawanna State Park (Clarks Summit, Pa.)
    Nature Conservancy’s Moosic Mt.Preserve (Throop, Pa)(planned)
    Prompton Dam State Park (Prompton, Pa.)
    Seven Tubs County Park (Bear Creek, Pa.)
    Frances Slocum State Park (West Wyoming, Pa.)
    Lackawanna State Forest Ext. (Mt Top, Pa)
    Lackawanna State Forest Ext. (Plymouth, Pa.)
    Mocanaqua Loop (Mocanaqua, Pa.)

    (Info on all above areas can be obtained)
    [email protected]
    Website info:

    Information provided is up to date as possible.
    It is always good to check ahead for most up to date trail info.

    Please read, know, and understand all rules required by above areas. NEPMTBA does not set, change, or control rules or policy’s of above areas.

    Have a great ride or hike
  • 01-30-2008
    2008 NEPMTBA Trail Report part 2
    To all:

    2008 Trail Report part 2

    List of places to ride Mt. bikes & hike in Northeasten Pa.

    Rails to Trails and other
    (Trailheads listed)

    Back Mountain Trail (Luzerne/Dallas, Pa)
    Black Diamond Trail (Luzerne County, Pa.)(planned)
    Black Diamond Trail Ridge to River Connector (Luzerne County, Pa.)(planned)
    D&H/O&W Rail Trail (Forest City/Union Dale/Thompson/Starrucca, Pa.)
    Endless Mountain Riding Trail (Montrose/Alford, Pa.)
    Lackawanna Heritage Trail (Taylor/Scranton, Pa.)
    Lehigh Gorge SP (White Haven/Lehigh Tannery/Rockport/Glen Onoko, Pa.)
    Luzerne County Rail Trail (Pittston City/Jenkins Township, Pa.)
    Switchback Railroad (Summit Hill/Mauch Chunk Lake Park/Jim Thorpe, Pa.)
    Susquehanna Levee Trail (Kingston/Forty Fort/Plymouth/Hanover Twp/S.
    Susquehanna Warrior Trail (Berwick/Plymouth, Pa.)
    West Side Trail (Exeter/Wyoming/West Wyoming/West Pittston, Pa.)



    Hiking only

    The Riverfront Parks (Wilkes-Barre, Pa.)
    The Escarpment Trail (Mocanaqua/Nanticoke, Pa.)


    Information provided is up to date as possible It is always good to check ahead for most up to date trail info.

    Please read, know, and understand all rules required by the above
    areas. NEPMTBA does not set, change, or control rules or policy’s of
    above areas.

    Have a great ride or hike

  • 01-31-2008
    2008 NEPMTBA Trail Report part 3
    To all:

    2008 Trail Report

    List of places to ride Mt. bikes & hike in Northeastern, Pa.

    Pa. State Game Lands Northeast Region
    DESIGNATED ROUTES for Horses and Bicycles

    For each region, there is a list of designated routes. These route
    designations, which total more than 1,000 miles, are in compliance with
    State Game Lands use regulations that went into effect on February 1,
    003. Under the new regulations, anyone who rides a non-motorized
    vehicle, conveyance or animal on State Game Lands must do so only on
    designated routes. Such riding activities will not be permitted, except
    on Sundays or on roads open to public travel, from the last Saturday in
    September to the third Saturday in January, and after 1 p.m. from the
    second Saturday in April to the last Saturday in May. This does not
    apply to anyone lawfully engaged in hunting, trapping or fishing on
    State Game Lands.

    Designated Routes

    SGL 12 Approximately 7 miles from SR 0154, near Wheelerville, east to a
    gate/parking area near Laquin. Bradford, Sullivan County

    SGL 12 Approximately 3 miles, in a semicircular route from a
    gate/parking area off of Township Route 419, just west of Camp Brule to
    a gate/parking area along the Quinlantown Road. Bradford, Sullivan

    SGL 13 - 7 miles - Fishing Creek Road - 7 miles from gate to fire
    tower, where the designated route ends prior to the Game Lands boundary
    line. Sullivan County

    SGL 13 - 5 miles - Lee Road 5 miles from gate along PA 487 to gate at
    Newell Fields (Painter Den Creek) plus 1 mile from Lee Road to PA 487.
    Sullivan County

    SGL 13 - 6 miles – Cherry Ridge Road – 6 miles from gate on Elk Grove –
    Nordmont Road to Grassy Hollow Road. Sullivan County

    SGL 13 - 7.3 miles - Glass Creek/Masonite Road - 7.3 miles from gate at
    Glass Creek Pond to gate on Old Berwick Turnpike. Sullivan County

    SGL 13 - 6 miles - Grassy Hollow Road - 6 miles from gate at storage
    building to Cherry Ridge Road. Sullivan County

    SGL 35 Approximately 5 miles from a gate/parking area along Harmony
    Road to Township Route 631, following Little Egypt Creek. Susquehanna

    SGL 36 Approximately 4 miles, from the gate/parking area on Hatch Hill
    north to where the designated route ends prior to the Game Lands
    boundary line near Satterlee Run Bradford County

    SGL 36 Approximately 7 miles, from the gate/parking area along Weston
    Road, over the Long Valley Road to the Cash Pond Road to a gate/parking
    area along the Shrader Creek Bradford County

    SGL 38 Approximately 3.5 miles, from a gate/parking area along SR 45024
    returning over a loop trail. Monroe County

    SGL 40 Approximately 3 miles, over a looped trail, beginning at two
    parking areas along the Francis Walter Dam Road, north of SR 0940.
    Carbon County

    SGL 57 - 3.5 miles - Shale Pit Road - approximately 3.5 miles, between
    South Brook and Beach Lake/Opossum Brook Roads. Wyoming County

    SGL 57 - 8 miles - Beech Lake/Opossum Brook Roads - approximately 8
    miles from the gate near Beech Lake to the gate/parking area along the
    Cider Run Road Luzerne, Wyoming County

    SGL 57 - 3 miles - Cider Run Road - 3 miles from the gate near the
    railroad grade to the Henry Lot Road gate/parking area. Wyoming County

    SGL 57 - 7 miles - Henry Lot Road - approximately 7 miles from the
    gate/parking area along the Windy Valley Road to the Cider Run Road
    gate/parking area. Wyoming County

    SGL 57 - 10 miles - South Brook Road - approximately 10 miles from gate
    at storage building to gate at Henry Lot Road Wyoming County

    SGL 58 Approximately 11.3 miles - beginning at a gate/parking area at
    the base of Firetower Road in Main Township to the fire tower and a
    looped segment returning to the starting point. Columbia County

    SGL 66 - 2 miles - From gate/parking area along Township Route 826,
    approximately 2 miles on the Pine Marsh Road where the designated route
    ends prior to the Game Lands boundary line. Sullivan County

    SGL 66 - 3 miles - From a gate/parking area along Township Route 826
    approximately 3 miles on the Indian Ridge Road where the designated
    route ends prior to the Game Lands boundary line. Sullivan County

    SGL 84 Approximately 5 miles beginning at a gate/parking area in Eldred
    Township, Schuylkill County west to a gate/ parking area adjacent to SR
    125 in East Cameron Township Northumberland County

    SGL 91 Approximately 6 miles, From three access points; a parking area
    along the Suscon Road near the Pennsylvania Game Commission Rifle
    Range, a parking area along the Thornhurst Road near Mountain Lake, and
    from a parking area near the Pennsylvania Game Commission storage
    building crossing over Meadow Run. This is a looped route utilizing a
    pipeline right-of-way road. Luzerne County

    SGL 91 Approx 2 miles, From a parking area near the Bear Creek Twp
    Municipal Building north to a point prior to the Game Lands boundary
    Luzerne County

    SGL 119 Approximately 8.5 miles, from a parking area north of Penn Lake
    over a looped trail returning to the parking area. Luzerne County

    SGL127 Approximately 5 miles, from a parking area along SR0423 over the
    Artillery Ridge Road ending at the fenced I-380 right-of-way. Monroe

    SGL 127 State Game Lands Service Road approx 6.8 miles from a
    gate/parking area along SR 0423 north to a gate/parking area near SR
    0507. Monroe County

    SGL 127 Approx 6 miles, several interconnected routes beginning at
    gate/parking area at Brady's Lake west across the dam to gate/parking
    area along Brady's Lake Rd. In the event the road across the dam
    becomes unusable, the Locust Lake trail between the main access road
    and the railroad grade will be open. The railroad grade is open to a
    point prior to the Game Lands boundary. Monroe County

    SGL 127 Approximately 9 miles, several interconnected trails beginning
    at the gate/parking area at Brady's Lake northeast to two gated/parking
    areas along the Pennsylvania Game Commission Service Road. Monroe

    SGL 129 Approx. 1 mile, loop connecting trails from the Delaware State
    Forest, from a gate/parking area at the north end of Township Route
    518. Carbon County

    SGL 135 Approximately 6 miles, from a parking area along the Sassafras
    Hill Road (Bureau of Forestry) to the abandoned railroad grade along
    Ash Creek, where the designated route ends prior to the Game Lands
    boundary line. Lackawanna County

    SGL 141 Approximately 4 miles, beginning at a gate/parking area along
    Township Route 506 returning over a looped trail Carbon County

    SGL 141 Approximately 8 miles, beginning at a gate/parking area along
    SR 93 across from the entrance to the Pennsylvania Game Commission
    rifle range following the road over a portion of Hickory Run State Park
    property to a second gate/parking area along SR 93 Carbon County

    SGL 207 Approximately 1 mile, beginning at the parking area on Brown
    Street near PA Route 309 using the old railroad grade, approximately
    one mile to a power line right-of-way Luzerne County

    SGL 219 Approximately 1.5 miles, from a parking area along the Montrose
    Turnpike to a parking area along the Dewing Road Bradford Susquehanna

    SGL 221 Approximately 6 miles of trails, from a gate/parking area along
    Township Route 609 to a gate/parking area along Township Route 561 to
    Township Route 592 along the Rattlesnake Creek. Monroe County

    SGL 226 Approximately 4.3 miles, from a parking area along Ridge Road
    to the Spruce Run Road continuing over looped trails to a parking area
    along the Dodson Hill Road. Columbia County

    SGL 226 Approximately 3 miles, from a parking area along Gilespie Road
    to a parking area along Engles Road. Columbia County

    SGL 260 Approximately 4.5 miles, from the gate/parking area near
    Dogtown, west of PA 11, to a gate/parking area along State Route 40182,
    one mile west of Schickshinny Luzerne County

    SGL 289 Approx. 2 miles, from a gate/parking area along the Berwick
    Turnpike west to a gate/parking area along the Steam Hollow Road.
    Bradford County

    SGL 292 Approximately 5 miles, beginning at a gate/parking area off of
    the Laurel Run Road over looped trails (and power line right-of-way
    roads) where the designated route ends prior to the Game Lands boundary
    line. Luzerne County

    SGL 310 Approximately 2.5 miles along the abandoned railroad bed along
    Silkman's Swamp from a gate/parking area along SR 3016 southwest to a
    gate/parking area along SR 3019, near Maplewood. Wayne County

    SGL 316 Approx. 5 miles from the gate/parking area along SR 1014,
    Masthope Plank Road, through several looped roads to the beginning
    point. Pike County

    SGL 329 Approximately .9 mile of trail situated in the NW corner of the
    game lands and connecting to a trail on the Roaring Creek Tract of the
    Weiser State Forest Columbia County


    Please check the Pa Game Commission/State Game Land website for maps,
    parking & locations.

    Information provided is up to date as possible. It is always good to
    check ahead for most up to date info.

    Please read, know, and understand all rules required by above areas.
    NEPMTBA does not set, change, or control rules or policy’s of above

    Have a great ride or hike


  • 01-31-2008
    Why is this sticky? Shouldn't we have the same for the rest of the areas of the state??
  • 01-31-2008

    Originally Posted by dankilling
    Why is this sticky? Shouldn't we have the same for the rest of the areas of the state??


    It's Sticky because there are plenty of people out here who need a place to find "ALL" the info for trails and parks. Us old school guys all ready know where the stuff is. This way you don't have to search through hundreds of posts to find a certain topic! It's right here in one post. I took the step in doing all the work to arrange this for our area NEPA.

    Do you see all the places there are to ride in NEPA? Now... I don't have to listen to people say "Hey there's no place to ride"

    What I was hoping for was to have a Sticky NE SE NW SW for each area! Thus heading towards our Pa statewide Mt Bike group!

    Please by all means organize your own and post and see if it will be approved!

    Our Sticky is for all rides and info in NEPA

  • 02-14-2008
    Pretty quiet around here due to weather.

    Frances Slocum is Ice bound. MTB Studs, Studs, Studs, nice XC sking though!

    Other areas in Wyoming Valley Are Snow with Crusty Ice layer making it difficult to motivate.

    Lot's coming up in the spring though.

    Snowshoe, XC ski, Ice Skate are all in season.

    Hang in there!
  • 02-29-2008
    Jim Thorpe Trails
    Jim Thorpe site with conditions!
    I've finally gotten around to setting up a simple site/blog for Jim Thorpe Trails. Includes trail condition reports, free GPS maps, and other info. Subscribe to the RSS feed for automatic updates. Enjoy.

  • 03-08-2008
    Geisinger Trails Danville, Pa.
    Description: Mostly singletrack, some double and very little 4X4. Trails range from somewhat rocky to smooth and fast. Blue trail has 3-4 switchbacks. New trails being added all the time. Somewhat technical in places. Some tight, fast downhill sections. There are trail maps on most of the trails but they are out of date and show only the marked trails. These trails are home of the "Tour De Tykes" race to raise money for the Children's Miracle Network. Also, remember where you are parked in relation to the hospital... the trails come out in different places but if you can see the hospital you will know where your car is.

    Length: 5 miles
    Trail Type: Singletrack
    Configuration: Network
    Average Time: 1hr 14min
    Average Speed: 7.1 mph

    From route 11 in Danville turn by Dunkin' Donuts. Go through next light and up towards Geisinger hospital. Stay on that road all the way around hospital. When coming back onto main road make a right. Take the next left that isnt to a parking lot. Approx. 1/5 miles to 4X4 road. You will see parking near there. Trailheads located there or further past to Yellow marked trail on right. Also, you can skip the left and go approx. 1/2 mile up main road to Red marked trail.
  • 03-26-2008
    2008 NEPMTBA Frances Slocum Tuesday Night MTB Rides
    2008 NEPMTBA Frances Slocum Tuesday Night MTB Ride
    April through September

    For the second year in a row NEPMTBA (North Eastern Pa. Mountain Biking Association) will be riding on Tuesday Nights at the park<o>


    Starting April 1<sup>st </sup>(No we’re not Fooling either) The Tuesday night MTB ride at<st1><st1> Frances</st1><st1> Slocum</st1><st1> State Park</st1></st1>. Leaving from the Carverton Road Access, 6pm, Trails/semi technical with log crossings and rocks, Rolling terrain, 5.5 miles of trails with additional loops possible, Ride time approx 2 hours, Please bring a well functioning safe bicycle, Recommended gear, helmet, safety gear, hydration, All welcome, Ride at your own risk<o>


    All info can be obtained from
  • 04-12-2008
    Frances Slocum Stste Park Trail Workday 4/13/08
    Frances Slocum State Park would greatly appreciate your participation in a Mountain Biking Trails Workday on Sunday, April 13, 2008, from 9:00AM - 2:00PM.

    With the spring warm-up, there is plenty of work that needs to be done to address wet locations along the trail. Additionally, the park would like to hear your input on trail layout and any associated issues. All in all, this should be a productive morning.

    We will meet at the Carverton Road - Mocanaqua trailhead at 9 AM. Registration, discussion, and equipment distribution will take place at that location and afterwards participants will be assigned a work area.

    Please pack a lunch, bring plenty of water, and dress appropriately. Participants are encouraged to bike the trails after the event.

    Thank you for considering this invitation and we look forward to hearing from you. Any questions, please call me at 570-696-3525.

    Rex Bradish
    Park Manager
    Frances Slocum State Park
    565 Mount Olivet Road
    Wyoming, PA 18644
    570-696-3456 fax
    <mailto:[email protected]>

    NEPMTBA will be having a Mt Bike ride following the completion of the workday at 2:30 pm. All welcome. Recommended gear" helmet, proper safety gear as well as hydration. Ride at your own risk.

  • 04-17-2008
    Plains Bike
    I myself want to thank all of the people that came out on this past Sunday for our first trail work day at FS.

    What amazes me here is the amount of co-operation that our group, NEPMTBA, has been gathering from all the state agencies now when it comes to doing what we all enjoy, and that is to be on our bikes out on the trails.
    Sunday we saw DCNR, a state naturalist, park personel and of course the group itself out in the rain and completing 8 of the 9 projects that were slated to be accomplished that day. We're talking backhoe's, bobcat's, brand new shovels, rakes, wheel barrows and gloves for all (I'm in charge of the hot dogs next work day!)

    For what seems only a short time ago where we had no co-ordinated effort from the state and at times downright hostility toward us, the complete and total reversal is astonishing, and I credit that to the detirmination of the group to show the powers that be that we are concerned, not only for ourselves, but for the state park system and the enjoyment of all parks for all involved...and we're ready to step forward to take action. Anyone can sit and mouth off about doing great things while sitting behind a keyboard. The proof of the dedication is by the act however, and that was brilliantly shown for all to see this past Sunday.
    I'm not blowing our own horn, but when the PM at the park stated that the state is using FS as a model and will use our input throughout the state, to say we all felt a little, well...proud, is an understatement.

    I also want to say thank you to all the bike shops involved. Ours is a very competitive world. We have to fight WallyWorld, mail order and sometimes our own stupidity everyday. This past Sunday brought out Dave Johns, owner of Cedar Bike in Scranton and Dickson City, Rich Adams, co owner of Around Town Bikes in Wilkes-Barre, Chuck Mensif, Manager of Main Bike World in Kingston, and of course myself, Kevin Czekalski, owner of Plains Bike in Plains. Sure..we will arm wrestle each other for a bike sale, or a tube...but to get together on a Sunday, leave the bike shops at home, grab a shovel or rake..in the rain..and tell "War stories" about riding..well, just like the Master Card commercial..it's priceless. The park management now knows as fact who is really involved in the trails and has given us his 100% support and backing.

    Again, to all involved...Thank You!

    Kevin, Trail Co-ordinator & RailRoad Historian
  • 06-27-2008
    Prompton State Park Map
  • 07-14-2008
    Plains Bike
    Another great work day and a tremendous amount of people turned out yesterday (7/13/08) at FS! Got 3 new drainage systems in place, including a re-built bridge. I think we ended up with 10 to 12 people at the park helping out so much was accomplished. Also, the park staff was there as well and made sure we had an abundance of tools and material to work with.

    Portions of the trails, from the creek crossing to the farm road, with the exception of "Roman Road" (that's the next scheduled improvement for August) have been completely re-done and new drainage has eliminated the wet sections, so come up and try us out!

    To all that helped out, Rex, the park PM, was astonished at the work, so..on behalf of the park and the group..Thank You all for helping out!!

  • 07-16-2008
    Plains Bike
    Just a quick add on to the above post about Slocum. We had our club ride last night and all the drainage work we did payed off. After that torrential downpour of 2 inches of rain in a half hour we got the other night, everything worked out perfectly as there were no more washouts or wet spots in those areas that are prone to bad conditions below Green Road. Chris Stine's "Gutter" system in that area was the perfect "Fix" for that problem area. Also, the new rock bridge and piping under it controlled the water in the creek perfectly. Also, the 10 foot pipe that is under the trail now about 30 feet from the service road totally eliminated that wash out. "Ranger Bob" was definitly stoked about all the work and Rex, the PM, to say he is pleased with the results, is an understatement.

    Next project is the rebuild of the "Roman Road" section in August and then a survey of the SRD section for improvements needed there.
  • 07-16-2008
    Moo Lake Park Luzerne County
    Yes you can ride the Moon... another place to ride or hike...

    July 1st 08
    Yes, Moon lake has always been on the map, but seldom used, well not anymore. After a trip to the park by Charles Kovach & Lee Curry from NEPMTBA/PARTS to Mt Bike Moon Lake Park we were invited to design, build & maintain trails along with clean and use the existing trails. The park staff has been very helpful with all aspects of work. Nikki Banfield the park naturalist is right there by our side doing everything from marking trees to helping build and the most important approve the designed trails. We have had several workdays and we would like to thank all who helped. I have spoke with Tom Jones of Around Town Bikes and he agreed Moon Lake is really a hidden gem as did Loren Possinger from DCNR. Thanks to Cliff and staff Nikki, Gary, Bob, John, Larry, Frank, Chris Ty, and his friends. The park ranger is very supportive and helpful as he supports the trails with a watchful eye. The Nature Center run by Nikki is the main trail head for the mt biking activities. Stop by for info directions or just to say "Hi" Nikki has offered the center to host a Mt Bike weekend the end of this summer. It just keeps getting better.

    July 7th 08
    A total cleaning and removing of more than 25 blow downs with the chainsaw! Many "Tech" sections containing "Skinnys" and other features have been added! Getting hold of the trail system is in full progress. We had our first organized ride with Frank & Larry our test pilots riding along with us! They loved it even trying the "Skinnys"

    July 14th 08
    Trails are now mostly named and up to 10 miles are in the construction stages with 5 miles plus open and ridable. Moon Lake is amazing you can camp at the trail head and ride right out of your tent/camper to the adventure. There is a swimming pool and lake to fish & boat in along with disc golf that we have offered to maintain as a mt biking group to help the park since they have been so gracious to us! Having trails from mild to wild the user could ride the smoother trails with a Cyclo-X bike and use the fields plus, logovers as dismounts while the rest of the trail system would make a great venue for a Mt Bike race. We have these events planned in the future! Another great bonus for Mt Bikers there is no hunting allowed in the park. During hunting season we are able to continue riding while other State Parks do not have this option.

    We are planning on completing the Big Blue or perimeter loop first. It is designed and ribboned. This loop will have trail segments names/control points separate so as to locate the user to the trail area. Off of Big Blue will be lolly pop(loop) and connector trails. When the trails are completed we will have GPS maps and all info on our website.

    Gary's Plymouth MTB weekend 08 will be riding in the park on Sunday 7/20/08 if your interested in attending his bash it starts on Friday at Plymouth Mt. Info is at:http://www.nepmtba.piczo.com

    When completed 20 mile plus of trails will exist and the opportunity to extend the system will be looked at then. Plans are in place with District Forester Nick Lylo to link Moon Lake to Lackawanna State Forest when it comes on line in 2010.

    Stop by the park office and Nature Center, gather info and ride.

    Come ride the Moon & tell your friends...http://www.moonlakepark.com/
  • 07-16-2008
    Back to Frances Slocum...
    ... as trails become more sustainable at FS the flow and ride improves. I'm glad we have great help to finish one project after another. Roman Road being a natural drain field/swamp was "OK" with the piled rocks, but it will be great to finally beef it up. I have spoke with Rex about a design that will not only drain proper, but allow the users to be up and out of the muck.
    On the other hand SRD trail being a trail of length bordered by a huge side hill that drains through the trail will be a challenge. It's kinda like the WB&E rail bed running through the Pocono plateau. Poor drainage and many lakes, ponds, and wet spots. They had the money and tools to elevate the rail bed with toms of fill. Working with simple hand tools our group has will be a huge challenge. The answer is in part Rolling Gradient, Grade Reversals or Grade Breaks need elevation to work. SRD was designed as a flat trail(wrong) If we are allowed to move the trail a bit we could redesign these features in to allow water to disperse! SRD is a great trail in it's own hampered by water concerns, but there is room to move and still be in the same corridor.
  • 07-16-2008
    Plains Bike
    Yeah Lee...I know what you are talking about, but, we'll straighten it out I'm sure, esp with the crew we have at Slocum now...and I will get to use the best trail building skills out there, courtesy of the Army Corp of Engineers! We'll have that puppy perfect in no time!!
  • 07-17-2008
    Mike and I where looking at roman road when we where doing the "MOTHER" bridge. It'll certainly be a challenge but doable. Hope I can make the next work day. ROCK ON!
  • 07-17-2008
    Plains Bike
    ^ You and Mike did a fantastic job on the bridge, us old Combat Engineers are jealous!! Thanks for the help and the offer, and like everyone else, we're so glad to have you volunteer up at Slocum!!

  • 07-17-2008

    Originally Posted by bwillsie
    Mike and I where looking at roman road when we where doing the "MOTHER" bridge. It'll certainly be a challenge but doable. Hope I can make the next work day. ROCK ON!


    Next time try to find rocks that aren't "water logged" for me to help you move! I think if it was raining like last 2 workdays they would have just slid down the hill into place! - LOL!

    GREAT WORK!:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thum bsup:

    There are no real water concerns at Moon Lake, but I do have a "super ridge trail" that with a few placed rocks (near by I might add) would look like the one of your Metamorphic Bridges. Right now there are gaps and spaces, but after the way you RIP the Trail at the 7 Tubs I'm sure you and Mike will conquer it! I would like you to see it first and give me your opinion cause it ain't no beginner trail! The neat thing about ML is the rocks have that special sauce on them! Need I say Slippy" with a captail "S"

    "ROCKS" They do a body good!:yikes:
  • 07-23-2008
    Poison Ivy info/help
    Since we Mt. Bikers tend to around this stuff...
    Here's a helpful link for poison ivy...

  • 07-28-2008
    Plains Bike
    Just a quick "touch up" of the drainfield and pipe right before the service road was done by your's truly here on Saturday afternoon at FS along with getting rid of those nasty pickers that came out of nowhere at the beginning of "false flat".

    No more mud and no more blood!!:D

  • 07-29-2008
    1 Attachment(s)
    Moon Lake Park Luzerne County... Miles of Trails now Open
    To all:

    Come ride 10 miles of the new perimeter loop called "Big Blue"(BB) trail at Moon Lake Park(MLP). Start at the Nature Center(NC). Big Blue Trail head is right outside the door. Park in the grass. The Nature Center has a bathroom and a soda machine.

    In the beginning Big Blue's section one is called Rollover, flowing and rolling slightly Down Hill (DH) with a Rocking Skinny, then it hangs a 180 left after the Big Log over and becomes section 2 Rock Waterfall, as you proceed you see why it's called that. There is a section of rock aligned to form a dry waterfall that's ridable/with an easier line also. From here you exit to field 1 and ride along a tree line(on your left) then turn left to section 3 Thorny Hollow. With a fast drop at the entrance it rolls through a hidden area only to exit field 2 area and the Tennis Courts. Looking straight ahead the gap across the field, cross the park entrance road(paved) and a small bridge to section 4 Nature's Way (NW) trail. NW flows then hangs a left uphill through a rocky section and a natural tunnel formed by a fallen tree. As you arrive at the benches on NW head straight and cross the grass covered service road on to a wider path. More rolling uphills.(this area in the future will be converted to single track(ST) Continuing on you arrive at a hill section 5 Stone Steps(really wood).

    Half way done::p

    A bit of a climb and to your left is section 6 T-Rex and the Tight Killer Switchback climb. As you grind to the top then descend you arrive at section 7 Rock Cliffs. Here there are optional lines to choose from winding there way back to another service road. As you cross the dirt road you see section 8 Big Drop in front of you. It is a drop gap of 3 feet that can be ridden from the opposite direction or looped to continue onto more of T-Rex. The next section of T-Rex Winds, Twists, and Turns as it Rolls through Rocks and many Log overs and near the middle is section 9 Stoner. A rock arrangement with gaps and tight rock outcrops, again there are multiple lines to try. Just don't fall off it's quite a drop, Then more open rolling forest till it exits at section 10 the Campground. Paved road greets you and so will many campers. Turn left onto the pave and look to your left there is drinking water. Stop by for a chug. As you travel about 50 feet on the pave in a semi circle you will see more Blue Squares/orange markers and a strip of trees called Zip Strip or section 11. It's only 10 feet wide and bordered by the road on one side and the group camping on the upper side, not to worry though it's only 50 feet long.

    Now the DH fun begins::eekster:

    You exit onto section 12 Screamer. One of the most fun sections of BB! Fasten you seat belts as you will descend in a hurry till you see Rock Walls converging to section 13 Squeezer and it's only 2 feet wide but passable. More DH ensues and section 14 Swill of your Life is on your right. A small pond covered with Green Swill. Nikki's dogs love this crap to her dismay!... LOL! They swim in it as she yells at them... Ah to be a DOG! Now you hang a right and continue along a very old farm road covered in moss and roots crossing the Stone Bridge. Arriving at Section 15 Rock Garden. If you don't like the challenge you can ride a few feet over on the roundabout pave and join back in on the other side of the Rock Garden. Next another uphill section 16 Side Slide. Slippy rocks and off camber will test your skills as you try to pedal and not spike a pedal on the uphill side, of course there are Funky log overs thrown in for fun! The last climb section 17 Cliff's Climb brings you out at the Nature Center and one completed loop of Big Blue Trail at MLP!

    Updates here:

    Directions to the Nature Center really simple as follows:

    Through the main entrance with the "park office" on your right, continue ahead over a "small bridge" then on left is the "swimming pool", turn right on the "dirt road", "disc golf" on your left "Nature Center" straight ahead, park to the left by the tree row. Big Blue trail starts by the pop up trailer behind the NC.

    Need more? It's coming real soon! Thanks for listening... ;)
    Go Ride It ------------

  • 09-11-2008
    Earth Conservancy info added
  • 10-02-2008
    Moon Lake Hell-O-Ween Ride 10/25/08
    Moon Lake Hell-O-Ween ride:


    If you have never visited before great time to do so or just come ride again.

    Meeting at the Nature Center, riding approx 2 to 3 hours on mostly all park trails, 2 rides, one leisure pace with rests and other ride doing a faster pace! All are welcome, bring hydration, wear safety gear, and costumes!

    We will have a Bon fire to keep warm after and bring beverages, hot dogs, and marshmallows.

    Happy Halloween to all... ;)

  • 01-08-2009
    3 Attachment(s)
    Hello off topic
    Just wanted to give a shoutout to my mountain biking friends in NEPA from northern New Mexico. I hope to break out the bike this weekend and go for a ride in the hills near our home in Santa Fe. I have been running and hiking and am adapting to the altitude. It would be great to see anyone wanting to come out and do some training at altitude.

    There is a trailhead 1.26 miles from the house that connects to a 30+ mile trail system. It has been cold and snowy and so I have ordered some studded tires which I hope come soon.

    THe pictures are from a run/hike/snowshoe outing last Sunday. The summit is 5 miles from the front door and with 3600 ft. GPS measured of climbing.

    John McBurney


    I do miss you guys and the great riding and friendship.. .just not the broken ribs LOL!
  • 01-09-2009

    Originally Posted by docjohn
    Just wanted to give a shoutout to my mountain biking friends in NEPA from northern New Mexico. I hope to break out the bike this weekend and go for a ride in the hills near our home in Santa Fe. I have been running and hiking and am adapting to the altitude. It would be great to see anyone wanting to come out and do some training at altitude.

    There is a trailhead 1.26 miles from the house that connects to a 30+ mile trail system. It has been cold and snowy and so I have ordered some studded tires which I hope come soon.

    THe pictures are from a run/hike/snowshoe outing last Sunday. The summit is 5 miles from the front door and with 3600 ft. GPS measured of climbing.

    John McBurney


    I do miss you guys and the great riding and friendship.. .just not the broken ribs LOL!

    Hello Dr John:

    I was thinking of you the other day while XC Skiing at the mOOn!

    Glad to see you are settled in and enjoying the new trails you found! I will pass on your message and we all miss you here in PA on the snowy trails.

    I will check the New Mexico forum perhaps you will post some pics there when you get around to it!

    Stay healthy my friend. :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
  • 02-18-2009

    Dan Ellis sent us this great site for trail conditions!


    It's also added to the NEPMTBA site

    Thanks for all the hard work Dan!:thumbsup:
  • 05-19-2009
    Important info from the Philyy MTB club please read if riding there
    Philadelphia Mountain Bike Parks Permit
    <hr style="color: rgb(183, 183, 183);" size="1"> <!-- / icon and title --> <!-- message --> Hey everyone, it looks like the city of Philadelphia is starting to crack down on their policy and are enforcing their trail permits in the Wissahickon Valley Park as well as Pennypack. The rangers are out in force, especially on weekends when most people reading this forum may travel to Philly to hit the trails. Please hit this link and sign up for a annual permit, which costs a $20 donation. While it is really hard to prove that this money goes back into the actual trails, like a donation to PMBA does, they do own the land and it's their decision, agree with it or not...

    https://events.membersolutions.com/e...ntent_id=13806<!-- / message --><!-- sig -->
  • 11-15-2009
    The 2009 season at Moon lake park has been fantastic!

    So much has been done by NEPMTBA and others who work and support us.

    Moon Lake park is a true mt bike park with all the other functions that make a local park great! I will be adding to this in the upcoming days as there are so many new and exciting things to tell all.

    Wednesday night rides continued in 2009

    NEPMTBA led the effort to save the park after the economic downfall had budget worries in the mix Success

    The spring workday included lot's of trail changes to improve them.

    More new trails as Deacon was designed and built.

    mOOnapalOOza festival set up by Loren and a fun trials arranged by Chuck had riders competing to see who could clean or clear a section of Deacon without touching a foot down, and food was great.

    MLP MTB weekend along with Michelle from Wyoming Valley Wellness handed out bicycle helmets to many kids. Thanks to all the sponsors
    A beginner loop for kids was added near the Nature Center called Lolli Pup

    More new trails with the addition of the "8" trail.

    Numerous ride/picnics throughout the season added to the fun.

    Eagles were spotted nesting at the mOOn and are residents now.

    The new multi use trail co-ordinated by the park with NEPMTBA's help is designed and under way, opening up more trails and areas to XC ski Trail Run and Hike.

    Free Ride sections are in the construction stages

    The Fall workday yielded a record 25 workers and really fun time, with Screamer trail being revamped and a ride after that had 60 riders in the park.

  • 02-12-2010
    Looking great for 2010 around the NE in the Mt biking world

    As of 2/12/10 we are buried under a foot of snow, but the trails are there if you dare to ride them. XC skiing is in full swing at all the local hot spots with the new snowfall.

    More coming soon, and if you need NE trail info this is the place. Anyone new or just visiting the area can always email at; [email protected]

    We are glad to help with all questions and info!

  • 04-04-2011
    Can you tell me if there are any trails in the Masthope area of PA?
  • 07-31-2011
    Moon Lake Park Trail Guide
    Moon Lake Park Trail Guide 8/1/11

    (trails in no special order)

    Nature's Way 1 (NW1):

    Description and Location:
    The first trail you encounter as you arrive at MLP. Mt. biker parking is outside the main gate, & NW1 is accessible from there or also in the park over a small dry bridge. NW1 is fairly linear, starts level has one small climb then back to level. It has lots of embedded rocks. Being it's the first trail one encounters on their ride it gets used a lot.
    Intersections: 5858,NW2,Service Road 1/2 (SR1/SR2)
    Skill level: Beginner
    Special features: There are no ramps, logovers, or rockovers, or water crossings on this trail.
    Trail Width: Singletrack to 6 feet wide

    Nature's Way 2 (NW2):

    Description & Location: It was the old logging road for the operations in the park years ago. Now a peaceful trail starts out grass covered, but turns to singletrack after a few hundred feet. NW2 has small elevation changes, flowing turns and also embedded rocks.
    Intersections: NW1, What, 5858
    Skill level: Beginner
    Special Features: There are no ramps, logovers, rockovers, or water crossings on this trail, it can be combined to make a 1 mile out and back loop with NW1
    Trail width: Mostly singletrack after 6 foot wide grass section

    What: (WT) (yes that's the trails actual name)

    Description & Location: A short singletrack fun trail with switchbacks.
    Intersections: NW2
    Skill level: Beginner
    Special Features: Trail has optional rockovers, one small logover, and no ramps, or water crossings. Tight turns, smooth, flowy except for one rock garden stone wall crossing area.
    Trail width: Singletrack
  • 08-01-2011
    Keep em' coming Lee. This is good to know (especially for newer riders). :thumbsup:
  • 02-19-2012
    Might as well add this for an update to the info thread:

    Ride your bike in PA State Parks, list of...


    I will get back to the Moon lake trail descriptions soon...

  • 04-02-2012
    Moon Lake's official Facebook page!

  • 04-02-2012
    HCGA/NEPMTBA Friday Night Pasta & MTB Rides starting 3/16/12
  • 05-29-2012
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    Added updated Moon Lake Park map circa June 2012

    Here's the same link as the pic just in case.

  • 07-22-2012
    Camp and Ride on I 80 in Pa thread
    If you coming across the state of Pa and looking for:

  • 05-18-2013
    Add this thread to the list for info on Williamsport/Lock Haven/Central Pa info:
    Williamsport area single track???
  • 07-02-2013
    Great site with lots of info...
    ...hiking and biking trails in NEPA

    Hiking and Biking :: Luzerne County
  • 09-14-2013
    This thread is great. Thanks so much.
  • 04-25-2014
    An update Anyone interested in rules and info about Pa state gamelands approved trails should check here:

    State Game Lands

    ...ride safe!
  • 04-25-2014
  • 09-09-2014
    Greg Ko
    1 Attachment(s)
    Hopewell Park
    Since it's officially opened to the public, I figured I would post the first official sign as a welcoming to the site. Night riding is allowed. Trails are closed on Saturdays during hunting season though. Please see the attached image below for more information and trail rules.
  • 11-17-2014
    Thanks for the addition Greg...
    ...and to everyone for all the hard work, and getting super ride area open!
  • 02-19-2015
  • 11-20-2015
  • 01-24-2017
    Could someone please explain to me why there's any reason why this thread should continue to be a sticky, other then to prop up the Pennsylvania moderator's worthfullness? Seriously..This thread was started nine years ago, has not been edited in over a year, and is borderline useless. The frigging thread title is "2008 NEPMTBA Trail Report", and I might note that:
    1.) it is now 2017, it is no longer new
    2.) It's no longer a trail report
    3.) It was already called out in 2008 as being completely useless as a sticky.
    4.) NEPTMTBA: what is this? it's not a geographical region. It's also not an IMBA mountain bike club. As far as I can tell it's the "self-proclaimed-mountain-bike-association-alter-ego" of a single person, which is kind of sad and pathetic.
    5.I'm sure our PA mod will reply to my post with his classic passive-aggressive bull-crap. The truth is, I don't care if I get banned, or put in time out. I used to love the Pennsylvania forum, but since Lee has taken over it's become a sh!t hole,
    6.)NEPTMBA, the truth is that you've killed the spirit of the PA forum, with your worthless posts, and incessant need to involve yourself in every thread.
    7.) If you want to post about Motos, brap, brap, barp, find a F-ing motorcross website.
    8.) I expect some replies from your minions, telling me I'm way out of line. The truth is that I expect just as many PMs telling me 'thank you for finally speaking up,'
    9.)Good day to you, and good death to this completely useless sticky. I have great love for the PA forum which is why I'm speaking up, but I have little love for this turd of a thread.
  • 01-30-2017
    I totally agree that it should be dropped. It's also pretty sad when one has to reply to their own post(see latest Rich Adams build post).
  • 01-30-2017
    Do you think moderating is easy? Have you tried it? I'm not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but at least I have stepped up to work on things to promote riding and trail building. I post about everything, everyone knows that, and others like to see the posts as I have input from may thanking me for sharing. So picking on me is really sad by both of you! You haven't even tried to help, just complaining and degrading? Really?

    I can't say I personally know wbmason55 and your input is gladly received but, your opinion doesn't get sticky removed just because "you" disapprove. Thanks for all the negative criticism about me personally. Your gonna have to do better my friend, and that fact you don't ride with me or exist in my personal circle of friends is evident.

    The title line should be updated, and you, of all people should post trail updates to this thread where you ride. I don't see any trail updates anywhere by either of you. Others can gain info by helpful info. It's not my fault you don't help make this a better place.

    Mike, I'm surprised at you... Really? What do you post here to help others? I don't see any pics from you. I have never seen you on a workday anywhere helping build or maintain trails. You ride quite a bit and use the trails for many years. Maybe it's time to give back a little and help out on all the stuff you have enjoyed riding for many years and stop worrying about an old thread.

    Sadly you bag on a post about a guy who can build amazing frames? Not even a, "Hey nice work Rich", from you?
    Here's what I "can" do, both of you can start a new thread that "you" run and we will make it a sticky. You can work very hard and post pics and tell stories, by the way it takes a lot of time to do this, so clear your schedules. Then myself and others can post to it, and complain, or praise about the job you do?

    How about it? Step up? Go ride and take some pics and post them, tell a story about your rides?