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    It doesn't happen often, but I received an invite... ride the Log Over 140 trail.

    A trail system unlike any other trails in our area that we ride! It has been over a year since last visit there, and nothing was easy then. I was told it was freshened up with more crazy angled logs to ride over!

    With a new coating of snow this time it would be lots of sliding and less traction to get up over the many logs. Now first off none of these logs have ramps or build ups. No SANITIZING! They are virgin logs, and where they fell is how they lay. No skinnys either! Just maybe I will get invited to build some on this great trail like no other anywhere else in Pa. The master of this trail system is the Hermit, and he has a passion for making stuff no one can ride. He gives no apologies either, as he is more than happy to lead you on this mission! I had the feeling I was about to get a lesson in "how not to crash" by contorting my body into angles I have never been bent into before.

    On this day all my trials skills were to be used on this 2 mile long trail. As to be correct the first climb has never been cleaned by anyone. Complete with a few logs just to warm you up. At the top the fun begins with a downgrade slide. Not too bad in summer and drier conditions now becomes a real handlebar gripping thrill.

    So dabbing, and trying to set up for the next log was a real eye opener. Most other places in Pa. we ride don't have many log overs on them anymore. Not here "logs" are the trail. As we proceed there is nothing flat, everything is up or down with logs everywhere. The Hermit designed the trail, so it travels from log to log with double, triple, and quad log sets. Like I said no fillers or ramps, so at the quad log overs you just have to go at it as fast as possible and hope you don't drop a wheel in! The suspended logs with some having a foot plus of air under them were the real deal. No kicker just tap, and unload. If ya get the chain ring your golden, if you don't, horrible miss this time. Of course The Hermit was more than happy to say: "Try it again"

    We succeed in making half way with a good break and some camera action. As we continue I feel much better now having been beat into the ground by all the upper body pulling and cranking my legs for all their worth. Just what I needed for the upcoming Moto Trials season. At that point I always come out of the 140 with a new fresh feeling of my rusty skill set.

    Anyone who has ridden with The Hermit knows he has no drop in power when climbing hills. At other venues with him on a Fat Bike I have followed him at Moto speed through stuff I just closed my eyes and hoped the big hit didn't come before opening them.

    I guess the purpose of my story is: Go out and try something you don't do much of. It will sharpen your skills and give you a new perspective on riding.

    Thanks Hermit, can't wait to see the vids of today 140...
    ...should be epic once again~

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    Sounds like fun.

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