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    Tropical riders? Salt + Sand = Problems???

    Hi -

    I will be living in the Limon province of Costa Rica for a few months in a town that has no paved roads, and is alongside the beach. Decent XC riding there - single-tracks and what we would consider "fire roads," but what down there is called "Main Street." I've visited a few times in the past and always wished I packed a bike. Now I am. I'm going to try to split the triangles of an XC FS frame and pack it into a large suitcase with loads of padding to avoid the BS airline charges. I got raped by Delta the last time I used my BikePro USA case, so I don't mind packing a few extra tools like torque wrenches.

    One thing I won't be able to avoid is the salt air, salt water, and sand. I've seen what the climate does to rental bikes in a single season (of course lack of proper maintenance doesn't help) and I don't want to subject any of my 2-wheeled babies to the same. Reading through the threads, there seems to be a recurring bit of advice suggesting a dry lube on the chain and washing the bike after every ride. This may be useful for the short term, but what do you do to keep a bike ride-able after six months of this sort of environment?
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    I love Limon. I remember paying like $5 for a lobster dinner and next morning asked them if I could have the same thing I had for dinner the night before. Anyways, I used to live in Jamaica as well, make sure you wash the bike and TAKE IT INDOORS. I did not live on the beach and know how much sea spray you get in Limon. I would check constantly and maybe spray the nooks and crannies with WD 40 or Boshield.

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