South Africa / KZN

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  • 08-11-2009
    South Africa / KZN
    Where you all at.
    I am just getting ready to start biking over here again.
    I found this spot but I havent been yet.
    Anyone been?
  • 08-12-2009
    Yup I have been there, quite good! Got a bit of everything. A AM bike will be best to take, you can ride 99% of the stuff with that. Might be limited a little by a XC bike on some of the stuff.
  • 08-12-2009
    Yikes - i have one horse in my stable and its Iron (7.5 Freeride bike). But thanks for the heads up.
  • 08-18-2009
    Well, then if you can handle the uphill, your bike can handle the downhill ;)
  • 08-26-2009
    LOL -
    I found out they have a truck that will shuttle you to the top.
    you just have to let someone know its like a few rand for the ride.
    I am obviously going to have to go check it out now.
  • 09-03-2009
    Hi xcurtisx,

    Yeah there is a van that takes you up, tried to use it this past Sunday, but the driver was out on a ride..... so no joy.

    Did manage to use it the weekend before though. It's R15.00 for the van and you can load as many bikes as you like.

    If you have not been there yet, then there are 3 main downhill courses, one it the gravity dice, which is fun but will cater for all types of skill levels. can get some decent speed down if you are willing to crank it a bit. +- 2 km long

    Main line

    Well, awesome, nice downhill, intermediate level upwards. Nice sections that weave down the mountain side, no real drops to right home about, but definitely fun.

    Down hill course, have not managed to go down it yet, but i believe it has a serious rock section at the top. Some steep sections with some off camber turns. Can't wait to attack it.

    If you are interested, there is a gravity dice event coming up on the 4th October @ Cascades in Maritzburg, i can't comment on the event as this will be my first one aswell.

    I believe they won't be using the UCI course, but it should be cool anyway. If you want to get in touch mail me @ [email protected], i'm in Gillitts

    Later Bud