Dear Friend cyclist,

Please dissemination that could bring in their host country and nationality, competition described below.

With the greatest thanks and cordial greetings
Ronald Perez
Chairman of the Organization of El Reto de los Misioneros

The event
Celebrating prowess in the seventeenth century missionary groups conducted across the mountains and jungles to reach current and founding peoples of Peru's central jungle, the competition will take place in The Mountain Bike Reto de los Misioneros, in competition Marathon mode that aims at promoting tourism to the area, the promotion of sport, recreation and healthy people especially the youth.

The first edition of this competition took place in the year 2007 with the participation of different cyclists from all over Peru, involving press and the public enthusiasm.

For the second year, provides for the participation of elite cyclists and fans from different countries. Participation will be broken down into categories: Open men, Open Women, Master A and B, providing approximately 120 cyclists, without escorts and press.

The event will include in the course of the stages, art events and entertainment for the residents present at the targets. It also foresees the participation of business and information booth of the sponsors on these points.

The Dates
20 and 21 September 2008.

Like last year, will be carried out in three stages, two days, but this time the mileage will be higher, increasing the hardness of the test. On 20 there will be two stages, each an average of 50 km. The day will take place 21 stage queen, "The passage of the 3 mountains," with an average of 80 km, including a large part of mountainous topography.

From the Andes to the jungle
The first stage will depart Ricran (Tambillo), location of the Peruvian Andes, heading towards the jungle.

The congresillo technician will take place on 19 September evening in the city of Ocopa, place from which according to the story, the first missionaries departed.

It invites all cyclists and passengers to enjoy the sun, climate, tourist sites and the warmth of chanchamayinos under the patron saint festivities beginning of the Merced Chanchamayo, and only 6 hours of Lima.
Coverage of press, entertainment and adrenaline guaranteed.

Organized by: Association of Hotels, Restaurants and the like (AHORA Chanchamayo), Municipality of Monobamba district, San Ramon and Chanchamayo.

Recognised by: Sports Federation Peruvian Cycling

More information on the website of the event