• 01-16-2016
    mtb in the virgin islands?
    Other than the 200 ft hill in st croix, is water island and st thomas have any legit riding or should I just park my bikes here and rent a bike if I can travel somewhere proximal to the virgin islands for a mini bike vaca,
    like in puerto rico, or costa rica?


    thanks in advance
  • 01-17-2016
    I was just there last week and we hiked the trail that heads from Carambola Resort to Carambola tide pools. The sign actually noted it was designed to be a mountain bike trail. It actually looked like it would be a lot of fun to ride. Little closely grown in places and one section that was probably too steep to climb well but you could do it descending. Lot of roots and some cool rock sections. That trail is just under 3 miles one way. Apparently it goes further but that was all we got in due to time. From what I gathered probably the only thing worth riding in the USVI as far as single track. I can give you specific directions if you are interested in how to get there.