Biking in Huaraz, Peru-
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    Biking in Huaraz, Peru

    Anyone know of anyone to rent bikes from in Huaraz, Peru? Also looking for some trail suggestions.


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    ping rideit, he's running a biz that does trips down there.

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    Hey, give me a shout!!

    I can definitely help you find what you seek.
    check out what I am doing,, (there is a link to Julio's site on mine) and also google Julio Olaza/ mt. biking/ Peru, or check out (google chakinani if that does not work).
    Julio is a friend of mine in Huaraz, he is the best dude around, IMO.
    Good luck, have fun!

    PS, finding a quality bike to rent is TRULY next to impossible, anywhere in Peru. Even Lima. If you can bring your own bike, do. Insure it, and ride it hard. The best that I know of in Huaraz is maybe a Trek 4000 level (or less) clapped out hardtail. There may be new bikes in Julio's fleet, ask him!
    You CAN rent suh-weet bikes in Bolivia, through gravity bolivia, run by a fellow named Alistair.
    Pretty ironic, the absolute poorest country in SA, and you can rent a pimped out Stinky D.
    Thanks, Penguinboi!
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    Bike rent in Huaraz and other places

    Normally in Peru we don't rent bikes, only if you take a tour with serious people you can have one.
    Yes Julio is working in Huaraz, but also us
    We are located in Lima and we offer rides in all the country and we can help you to choose the best rides here.
    visit our site and take a look

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